Subject: Server.com announces DBApp 2.0

Hello from Server.com,

Since we introduced the DBApp three years ago, we've made
several improvements to our web-based database manager:

CSV downloads - You can download your entire database in CSV
format and import it into a desktop application such as a

Admin Only Fields - You can specify fields in your database
which can only be seen and utilized by the administrator.

Disappearing Fields - These are fields which are visible to
users when submitting a form, but are only available to
admins afterwards. This is useful for applications such as
guestbooks so you can collect email addresses from visitors,
but hide them from spammers.

Searchable Fields - You can specify which fields are 
available to visitors on search forms.

Style Sheet Hooks - We have added a number of style sheet
hooks to the DBApps. A tutorial with examples is available 
at http://server.com/Misc/HTML/dbapps.html .

Please visit http://server.com/siteapps/dbapp/ for
more information, try out the demos, or create your own
DBApp with no obligation.

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Sean Brunnock

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