Subject: Server.com joins the RSS wave


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It has been nearly a year since our last message to you 
when we announced the DBApp (our web-based database 
application). Since then, we have developed a new 
application and upgraded two WebApps to take advantage of a
new technology called RSS. 

RSS is an XML specification for the distribution of news
headlines and has become popular as a way to stay on top of
the constant flow of information that comes with the modern
Internet. Many websites which publish regular updates (New
York Times, BBC, Slashdot, Salon, blogs, ...) also publish
an RSS feed. 

Our newest WebApp is an RSS News Aggregator called the
NewsApp. With a NewsApp, you can subscribe to your favorite
newsfeeds and the NewsApp will poll those feeds several 
times a day and record any new items.  By visiting your 
custom NewsApp, you can stay apprised of headlines and 
announcements from various websites by visiting just one
page. Please visit http://server.com/WebApps/NewsApp/ 
to see a couple of NewsApps in action and easily create
your own.

Since RSS feeds are so useful, we enabled two of our 
WebApps to distribute information via RSS as well. The
DiscussionApp (message board) and ListApp (mailing list
manager) applications can now send updates and headlines to
RSS subscribers simply by using a URL.

We are very excited to offer these new services and we hope
that you'll be able to make use of them.

Thank you for patronizing Server.com!

Sean Brunnock

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