Subject: Server.com announces its DBApp


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Server.com has been providing services for over 5 years and
now we're even happier to announce our first new WebApp in
over 4 years- the DBApp. We were going to call it BYOApp 2,
but the DBApp is such a huge jump in versatility that we 
felt a name change was in order.

The DBApp allows you to create your own customizable, 
online database. You can specify if visitors can submit 
content or view content or both. You can also use it as a
form processor and have submissions emailed to you.

You can use a DBApp to create a companywide addressbook,
a customized guestbook, an online catalog, a newsboard, etc.
We're very excited about the possibilities and we're
anxious to see the applications that you can come up with.

Please visit http://server.com/siteapps/dbapp/ to see some
live examples and to set up your own database. We're ready
to answer any questions you might have on the WebApps 
Discussion- http://disc.server.com/Indices/2921.html .

Sean Brunnock

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