The Image of God Creation of man as flesh does not reflect the image of God, in the book of Genesis 1:26, God said, let us create man in our own image. God does not possess mortal body, neither is God classified as a man or woman, and can never be compared with the mortal. He is a Spirit and will remain a spirit. He created man with a spirit like Himself; a body to relate with the physical world and a soul o keep him alive. God is a Spirit, and He created man as a spirit, in the image of God created he man and in the likeness of Him was every manís spirit created. God is immortal and all mortality must be crucified before they can relate with Him. Who is a mortal man? A mortal man is he who operates with the sense of human; relate more with the carnal world, sensitive to the material world. Such cannot understand the things of the spirit, and cannot walk in the spirit and in the ways of God. A man to be in the image of God must first crucify the flesh (dead to the physical world), be sensitive to the spiritual world and to the things of God. He must not see himself as part of this world, but in the world to do the will of God, always desire spiritual things than material things. An image of God will always be spiritually conscious for he is a spiritual being in human flesh. Like the immortal God, the image of God will not die but live in eternity with God as a spirit being and a child of God. Conclusion It is not every living man that should be seen as an image of God, but only those that are dead to the world and alive to the spirit and to God. It will totally be impossible for a man to act and do things like God when he is still in the flesh. Carnally minded people are never to be seen as an image of God, for they are dead in the spirit and cannot understand the things of the spirit. Since they are dead spiritually, there is no place for them in heaven and their spiritual carcass will be destroy in hell fire. Jimi Akinboyewa Christ Power Ministries
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