Subject: Weekly albums news 17.06.2013

My new albums of this week:

Highlord 'The Warning After'
Mesmerize 'Paintropy'
Timo Tolkki's Avalon 'The Land of New Hope'
Suicidal Angels 'Eternal Domination'
Burning Rain 'Epic Obsession'
Kingdom Come 'Outlier'
Sturm Und Drang 'Graduation Day'
Tainted Nation 'F.E.A.R.'
Spellbound 'Breaking The Spell', 'Rockin' Reckless'
Skid Row 'United World Rebellion Chapter One'
Toranaga 'Bastard Ballads'
Satan 'Life Sentence'
Megadeth 'Super Collider'
Blackmore's Night 'Dancer At The Moon'
Black Sabbath '13'

New small reviews:

Havoc 'The Grip' 1986 70
Heavy. It's some sort of early US Heavy/Power with several Bay Area Thrash elements. There are some special guitar solos there that reminds me of early Metallica.

Loch Vostok 'Destruction Time Again' 2006 80
Melodic Death/Prog. This band plays again some Progressive version of In Flames. The music is dark, complex and interesting, Loch Vostok is one of few bands of this style.

Nightfall 'Cassiopeia' 2013 70
Melodic Death/Black. Any Greek music is a special way in the music, even in Death Metal. The music is as strong as interesting with the excellent guitar solos.

Voodoo Circle 'More than One Way Home' 2013 60
Hard&Heavy. I don't strike out a line of own if I say again that Voodoo Circle follows the traditions of many classical Hard Rock and Hard&Heavy bands. Especially I'd like to note some Whitesnake influences in the music.

Agony 'The First Defiance' 1988 70
Speed/Thrash. This band sounded like many bands from 80s that began from Speed/Thrash. It's partially fast (true Speed Metal of 80s), partially closer to Heavy but with early Thrash Metal core.


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