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My new albums of this week:

Chainsaw 'Metal Missionary'

New small reviews:

Marauder 'Life?' 2004 70
Melodic Power. Epical Power still rules this band. It's Manowar by the spirit only, not by the music, with memorable songs and very good guitar work.

Overkill 'The Years of Decay' 1989 70
Thrash. It's the last Overkill album from 80s but it's not the sunset of Thrash life. Some songs are really US Thrash of 80 with the technical sound, very good guitar riffs and as usual excellent vocals but some songs are boringly slow.

Dominus Praelii 'Holding the Flag of War' 2001 70
Speed&Power. It's an ironclad Speed&Power without snotty-sugary songs, without many keys and love ballads. Though it seems there is nothing new there, surprisingly this music impresses very much.

Encryption 'Perishing Black Light' 2000 80
Power. I sit and think what to say about this band? Seemingly it's just another Power Metal but there are something special in the music that makes this album original. Such as? Choose for yourself.

Geyser 'Livin' Fast' 2004 80
Heavy. It's Heavy of Heavy Metal traditions came from 80s. But it's Heavy with the guitar-based music so there is just a wonderful collection of the guitar solos.

Sabbat 'Dreamweaver' 1989 50
Thrash. I was bored again during the listening to this band's album. It seems the music is various but nevertheless it's monotonous and оverintellectualizing.

5 Stihiy 'Feniks' 2008 70
Melodic Heavy. There is nothing new or original there, this band just presents us not bad Melodic Heavy. The songs are very melodious and memorable, the vocals and the guitar work are good enough.

Eden's Curse 'Eden's Curse' 2007 50
Melodic Hard&Heavy. I don't know what such bands pursue a purpose steadily because it's absolutely ordinary German Melodic Hard&Heavy of already formed traditions. No new ideas are on this album at all.

Elvenking 'The Scythe' 2007 50
Heavy/Folk. It's melodious but expressionless Heavy with Folk elements, sometimes reminds me of late Edguy and something from Amorphis. The songs are good enough but it's so threadbare theme, I have no emotions after the listening to this album.

Legend Maker 'Lies Bleeding the Blind' 2003 60
Melodic Speed&Power. It seems they have no changes since their debut album. It's still Melodic Speed&Power in European traditions and with European-like cliches in the music.

Rob Rock 'Garden of Chaos' 2007 80
Melodic Power/Heavy. Rob Rock is so recognizable person by the voice so it seems I already know all these songs from Garden of Chaos very good. I can recommend a song Millennial Reign from this album where his nightingale warbles impress specially.

P.oS.T. 'Bol'' 2008 50
Heavy. It's good but not original Heavy Metal band. The most important thing of this act is that this not old band plays real Heavy without any modern stuff.

Dominus Praelii 'Bastards & Killers' 2005 70
Melodic Power. It's true epical Power with many melodious elements. The epical part cam be compared with Manowar by the spirit, but of course it's not Manowar at all.

V/A 'Rock S'Cool II'' 2007 70
It's a video compilation of the different clips and live videos.


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