Subject: Brand New Events at Eni Oken's Jewelry site

Hi Everybody!

Thanks again for signing up for my announcements newsletter.
There are some wonderful new things happening lately:

I recently joined the “Year of Jewelry” project, which is a commitment made by a group of jewelry makers where each one develops a new piece of jewelry per week, for an entire year. 
This is a great way to watch in detail how the minds of different jewelry makers work. 
Many of us have personal journals, which show much more than just the final piece produced per week. 
Currently we are in Week 5. If you are interested in reading my own personal journal, go to http://www.enioken.com/yearofjewelry.html 

I am constantly updating my website, trying to add new things and trying to make it easier to navigate. September 2004 brought not only an easier way to navigate the site, but also a brand new collection of upscale one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Most of them are bracelets: I seem to be on a “cuff and bangle” phase right now... 
To see the new pieces, go to http://www.enioken.com/jewelry/catalog.html 

For those of you waiting anxiously for new tutorials on wire wrapping, I’m glad to say the wait is almost over: I have already started working on new lessons which will come out as soon as possible, still in time for the end of the year sales. Already posted is the “Cluster finding”, which is a round terminal for bracelets and necklaces. Hot for the current 40s and 50s trend going on right now. 

Coming soon, the long awaited “Quarter-foil link” and also some filigree brooches, right on time for the fall and winter fashion!
Check out the new Cluster finding tutorial at the bottom of the page: http://www.enioken.com/jewelry/technique.html

A dear friend of mine really, really wants to learn how to make wire jewelry and offered her home as a classroom if we can get a group of 6 to 8 people. This would be a beginner’s class, would last for about 6 to 8 weeks, and would meet in West Los Angeles/MarVista Area during the morning, once a week. (Exact time and days to be established by the group). If you are interested or know someone who is interested, then contact me as soon as possible: eni@oken3d.com 

And finally the solution to the eternal dilemma: how do you price a piece of jewelry? The much requested Jewelry Price Calculator in Excel is available for download. It calculates different prices scenarios based on well known formulas used by jewelry artisans, and offers an optimal price solution. I also use it to catalog my own designs according to components, name, date, code and description. 
The calculator is a little gadget I developed in Excel, and downloads in xls format. You must have Excel to use it and know how to use basic, simple commands in that software. 
Available at http://www.enioken.com/jewelry/technique.html 

Thanks again for your interest in my site and jewelry!

Eni Oken

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