Subject: Eni Oken's New Jewelry Tutorials!

Hello Everybody!!! 

MORE TUTORIALS: You’ve asked for more tutorials, and here are two more: the EASY LEVEL “Nest Bezel Ring” (very hobo) and the requested INTERMEDIATE LEVEL “Mosaic Pendant”. I like the mosaic one because it gives you a chance to use all those beautiful left-over beads which we keep gathering in a box -- also known as “bead soup”. 

Until the end of this month, two more tutorials are coming out, but I’ll leave that surprise for later… 

BOOK COVER AND CHAPTERS: This is for you, tutorial-thirsty-jewelry-maker: three brand new earring tutorials written by yours truly came out in the book “Contemporary Bead and Wire Jewelry by Nathalie Mornu” and Suzanne Tourtillott, published by Lark Books. And surprise -- One of images made it all the way to cover!

YEAR OF JEWELRY JOURNAL: Have you been wondering where I’ve been lately? Well, life caught up with me and between taxes, flu season and other million things, the year of jewelry journal got neglected. :-(
So… I decided to convert it into a regular blog journal – I will continue to add new pieces as they get developed, but also business and other informative tidbits.  

Thank you for your continued interest in my work,

Eni Oken

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