Today, as opposed to the olden days of the skilled, multi-tasking frontiersmen who settled our country, you may feel a lack of control over the quality of your own life. Right now, you may feel...

  • at a loss for the way your present reality is working,
  • that people who claim to have your best interest at heart only want to control you,
  • that the wrong people are in charge and the wrong ideas are being implemented,
  • that you could do a much better job with your life if you knew how to take back control.

You're not alone in your feelings, but you are one of the few to look for answers - and one of the elite few to discover the Way of the Mind Gate.

Mainstream "Mind Control"

Perhaps, you've tried to use NLP, hypnotism, and various other "Derren Brown" techniques that supposedly help you "control" others. Well, we don't all have that "Derren Brown" showmanship or charisma, do we? We just want to be able to apply that control in our own lives - and that's we're we should begin.

Why certain NLP / hypnosis tactics don't work

The marketers writing these "mind control" reports or producing these "mind control" audios / videos cannot possibly anticipate all the pitfalls that you might encounter in Your Life. Mind Control consists of a number of tools that fall outside the range of most "mind control" mongers because they forget to begin with the most important person: YOU.

Very few, if any, of the "mind control" mongers are interested in your hobbies, your

Just as a carpenter requires a number of specific tools to build a house, you also require a number of tools to accomplish what you want in your life. Therefore, you want a wide array of "tools" to call upon as build your resources. You want to know how each tool works and to be able to use it. This is the purpose of Way of the MindGate.

What sort of "tools" are successful?

You may have seen Power Players like politicians, and Fox News Reporters use the most successful mainstream mind control tactics; this is their training, therefore, they are immune to what they know.

On the other hand, there are well rounded, "self improvement" techniques which are taught to adept practitioners of martial arts, qigong and meditation. After proper self-discipline, these techniques are easily turned from self control within to influence of the world around them. The focus of Way of the MindGate is upon these more esoteric techniques.

Who writes this newsletter?

Randolph Fabian Directo is a certified NLP Practitioner with a bachelors in functional therapy. He researches neuroscience and counsels people who want more control over their lives. He helps people become high achievers who are recognized for their accomplishments using esoteric methods.

Randolph shares his knowledge on "mind control" as a form of self discipline because he knows only the most disciplined people are able to appreciate and use these esoteric techniques which involve a wide array of tools in the same way a surgeon has many tools.

You see, most "mind control" mongers only want to teach you how to "operate" on others. Real Mind Control begins with YOU. Beginning with your own self-discipline, you learn how to control others using the same techniques.

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