Subject: NewsApps for iPhones

Hi Everyone,

We've spruced up the NewsApps for the iPhones. Now you can easily see the latest 
headlines on your choice of newsfeeds on the iPhone or the iPod Touch.

On http://yourwebapps.com/WebApps/NewsApp/ , there is a new section with links to
several NewsApps tailored to iPhones. If you set up a NewsApp, you'll be able to 
customize it with one of our default style sheets or you can create your own
(instructions available here - http://yourwebapps.com/Documentation/HTML/newsapps.html ).

As other smartphones add advanced web browsers, we should be able to tailor the
NewsApps for those platforms as well.

We hope that you find these new features useful and we look forward to your feedback.

Please visit the NewsApp forum (http://disc.yourwebapps.com/Indices/233995.html) or
send a message to support@yourwebapps.com .

Please visit http://yourwebapps.com/WebApps/mail-list-unsubscribe.cgi?list=9 to

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