Subject: New homepage at Server.com

Hi everyone,

I guess we've been productive- it's only been three months
since our last newsletter!

While we're always tweaking and improving the WebApps at
Server.com, we'd like to announce our new homepage. Obviously,
we've redesigned our homepage over the years without feeling
the need to make an announcement, but this time was a little
different. We replaced the page with one of our WebApps.

In order to show off the versatility of the DiscussionApp,
we've replaced our homepage with The Server News. Each day,
we'll highlight an article related to systems management and
the server industry. Like all DiscussionApps, it allows for
comments, an RSS feed and a mailing list. It's a complete
solution, easy to implement and it looks pretty good too.

I hope you'll check out The Server News at http://server.com .
You'll have to subscribe to it separately in order to receive
daily news updates. This newsletter will just be used for
important announcements regarding Server.com.

Thanks for reading!

Sean Brunnock

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