Subject: Semiannual announcements from Server.com

Hi folks,

This is another semiannual announcement from Server.com. This
is a confirmed opt-in list. You can unsubscribe via
http://server.com/WebApps/mail-list-unsubscribe.cgi?list=9 .

We have released a new WebApp called ListApp Pro. It's a 
newsletter service like the ListApp, but it allows you to 
define an associated database so you can collect additional 
information from your subscribers and also send targeted 

You can find out more about ListApp Pro at http://server.com/WebApps/ListAppPro/ .

We have also modified the DBApp service so you can specify 
if certain fields are required. The DBApp will refuse to
process submissions unless your visitors fill out the 
required fields.

You can find out more about DBApps at http://server.com/siteapps/dbapp/ .

Lastly, we're happy to announce that we've been in operation
for over 10 years! We intend to continue to provide fast, 
secure and reliable services for your website or organization.

We're continuing to develop new services and improve existing
ones. Thank you for your interest!

Sean Brunnock

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