Subject: 2005 update from Server.com

Hi folks,

This is another semiannual newsletter from Server.com, the
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No big announcement this time, but we didn't want a year to go 
by without a single newsletter from us.

We've been adding style sheet hooks to our WebApps. We've 
completed adding hooks to the DiscussionApps, DBApps, and 
NewsApps; we've also developed templates for the DiscussionApps. 

If you need help learning about style sheets, we've written 
demos and tutorials which can be accessed at 
http://server.com/Misc/HTML/stylesheets.html .

We've added several useful features to the DiscussionApps.
Admins can require that posters register and confirm their
email addresses. Admins can also put their DiscApps into
"blog" mode whereas only they can post top-level articles
and visitors can only post replies.

We've also made the DBApp database manager more versatile.
Admins can specify if fields are "enterable", visible, or
"searchable" by visitors. These new options replace the 
earlier "admin only" option. 

We've also added a directory view for DBApps. An admin can
specify a field to categorize data on and the DBapp will 
present visitors with a clickable list of those categories.

I'm afraid that my terse descriptions don't do justice to 
the work that we've done. I hope you'll take the time to 
visit  http://server.com to learn more about the improvements. 
Even if you're not interested, any web designer who isn't 
familiar with style sheets should visit
http://server.com/Misc/HTML/stylesheets.html to learn more
about them.

Thank you for your interest in Server.com and have a great
new year!

Sean Brunnock

PS- To unsubscribe, visit 
http://server.com/WebApps/mail-list-unsubscribe.cgi?list=9 .

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