Subject: New PassLocker version 1.11

  A new version of PassLocker is downloadable here:

Release Changelog :

Version 1.11 (Released 01/07/2007)  -------------------------------------------------------------

New Features
- Repository application finder
- Added Spanish language to password dictionary

- New button toolbar in Main application window (with new icons)
- Added delete application button in repository view
- Added application icons in main combo box
- Added text box with group name and path in main application window
- Added submenu in 'Copy to Clipboard' item
- Added apply button to 'fast selection list' in repository window
- Prepared to autofiller support for IE
- Added Lock item in main menu
- Possibility to minimize window in applications bar
- Help updated

Bugs revised:
- [bug fix] Resolved some problems displaying splash screen
- [bug fix] Fixed double click on minimized window
- [bug fix] Fixed child windows closure on lock

You can see a screenshot here:


You can see more screenshoots here

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