Subject: New PassLocker version 1.10

  A new version of PassLocker is downloadable here:

New Features in version 1.10
- Expired passwords management
- Automatic Backups
- "Hide Usernames" option
- prf file association
- Old PassKeys invalidation

- In Repository View, now actions buttons are with icons
- Resizable Repository View Window: changed layout
- Added Actions edit box in Main Application Window
- Changed backgrounds and tray icon
- Improvement of the Update function
- Possibility to copy notes from menu
- Old Backup is changed in "Save As" function
- Added more options
- Help updated

Bugs revised:
- [bug fix] Error saving an empty file repository in menu exit or in repository view
- [bug fix] Opening a not existent file, PassLocker now create a new repository
- [bug fix] Floating Pointer in Fast Selection List pressing down button without select any item
- [bug fix] Windows Registry Initialization reading empty string keywords could cause a seg fault
- [bug fix] Added a random unique_id to a passkey to uniquely associate a passkey to a repository, so even someone know
the passphrase, he cannot reproduce a valid passkey without access to the original rep.

Here a PassLocker screenshot:

You can see more screenshoots here

Best regards,
Pisitta Soft

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