Subject: Weekly albums news 25.06.2018 for a final time

It's one last time when I published this news! Thank you! My new albums of this week: N/A New small reviews: Glory Bells 'Dressed in Black' 1982 80 http://www.speed-n-power.com/band/Glory_Bells/ Heavy. It's a great music with priceless guitar sound. I'm not going to compare this project with the similar bands, all the same bands are differently interesting so Glory Bells are very descent. Glory Bells 'Century Rendezvous' 1984 70 http://www.speed-n-power.com/band/Glory_Bells/ Heavy. It's the same excellent early Heavy Metal, but not the same. The band began to experiment with the sound, successful enough, so sax sounds there very suitable for the occasion. http://www.speed-n-power.com to unsubscribe: https://mail.yourwebapps.com/unsubscribe.cgi?list=69492

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