Subject: Weekly albums news 18.06.2018

My new albums of this week: N/A New small reviews: Pentakill 'Smite And Ignite' 2014 40 http://www.speed-n-power.com/band/Pentakill/ Heavy/Power/Prog. The same persons play the same music about nothing. Give it a rest! It's an absolutely unexciting music including electronic sound on some songs, ugh! Pentakill 'Grasp of The Undying' 2017 40 http://www.speed-n-power.com/band/Pentakill/ Heavy/Power/Prog. It's the same of the same from the debut 'opus' but slightly longer. As you will appreciate there is nothing deserving our attention, I hope it's the last, the final project's activity... Thunderstick 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' 2017 50 http://www.speed-n-power.com/band/Thunderstick/ Hard Rock/Hard&Heavy. It can be called Metal with great reserve, rather it's proto-Metal from 21st century, it's funnily, isn't it? This music is in spirit of early Girlschool with some pop music influences of old times. http://www.speed-n-power.com to unsubscribe: https://mail.yourwebapps.com/unsubscribe.cgi?list=69492

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