Subject: Weekly albums news 16.04.2018

My new albums of this week: N/A New small reviews: Phantom V 'Play To Win' 2017 50 http://www.speed-n-power.com/band/Phantom_V/ Melodic Hard&Heavy. Actually there is nothing unusual in the music. It's typical enough Hard&Heavy with AOR elements, you've heard the same music times out of number, there is nothing for it. Oz 'Transition State' 2017 70 http://www.speed-n-power.com/band/Oz/ Heavy. It's not only the music in the best traditional Heavy Metal style, it's simply better than all those traditions. This album regales not only with the interesting songs, but with very good guitar work. Diablo Swing Orchestra 'Pacifisticuffs' 2017 80 http://www.speed-n-power.com/band/Diablo_Swing_Orchestra/ Melodic dance avant-gadre Metal. There is less Metal, less anything else but very old-fashion driving dance songs. Let's face it, do you like the music of 40s-50s? Yes, I do, I'm on the straight! http://www.speed-n-power.com to unsubscribe: https://mail.yourwebapps.com/unsubscribe.cgi?list=69492

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