Subject: Weekly albums news 26.03.2018

My new albums of this week: N/A New small reviews: Tierra Santa 'Quinto Elemento' 2017 60 http://www.speed-n-power.com/band/Tierra_Santa/ Melodic Heavy. Without doubt it's melodious Heavy on Spanish language and a good job too! The band doesn't run to extremes and continue to create a good music against all the odds. Witchery 'I Am Legion' 2017 60 http://www.speed-n-power.com/band/Witchery/ Death. It's old school Death, I'd like something more Speedy, but it comes with the job. The music consists of well-known sound appropriate to many bands from the past. Operation: Mindcrime 'The New Reality' 50 http://www.speed-n-power.com/band/Operation:_Mindcrime/ Modern Prog Rock/Metal. It's very modern and not very Progressive music with faint echo of the past. Really and truly, does anybody need this project, exclusive of Tate naturally. http://www.speed-n-power.com to unsubscribe: https://mail.yourwebapps.com/unsubscribe.cgi?list=69492

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