Subject: Weekly albums news 12.03.2018

My new albums of this week: N/A New small reviews: Moonspell '1755' 2017 80 http://www.speed-n-power.com/band/Moonspell/ Melodic Gothic. The songs are epical, universal and symphonical. This album can be called astonishing and out of the common, it seems there is nothing from Death or Doom Metal, but I feel the true power of this music. Destruction 'Thrash Anthems II' 2017 70 http://www.speed-n-power.com/band/Destruction/ Thrash. Destruction are really masters of their craft, I can listen to the old songs with great pleasure. This is a compilation of true Deastruction's anthems without doubt. Annihilator 'For The Demented' 2017 50 http://www.speed-n-power.com/band/Annihilator/ Modern Heavy/Thrash. It should seem, it happened - the first track is true Annihilator, fast, complex and aggressive. But everything dropped into old habits to play tiresome modern Heavy with modern Thrash elements. http://www.speed-n-power.com to unsubscribe: https://mail.yourwebapps.com/unsubscribe.cgi?list=69492

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