Subject: Weekly albums news 02.04.2012

My new albums of this week:


New small reviews:

Talisman 'Cats And Dogs' 2003 50
Hard Rock. It's modern Hard Rock with the boring songs. In general Talisman has many nice albums but this work takes it out of me unfortunately.

Sebastian Bach 'Kicking & Screaming' 2011 40
pop Hard Rock. It was bad luck that Sebastian Bach released the solo albums. This work is a boring music with some Stoner elements and absolutely common songs.

Derek Sherinian 'Oceana' 2011 70
instrumental experimental Prog Rock. It's more past-oriented music than modern experimental Progressive. It's Blues, Funk, Art Rock experimental songs on this various music's album.

House of Lords 'Big Money' 2011 50
AOR. To listen to AOR or not to listen that is the question. House of Lords made another tedious for me work so it's not the question for me to listen to AOR or not.

Stormbringer '' 1983 80
Melodic Hard&Heavy. Sometimes the music of the band sounds with some pop Rock influences but in general it's very good Melodic Hard&Heavy. Many songs are very interesting.

Redemption 'This Mortal Coil' 2011 60
Prog. The band can't be better than it already is. The music is the same Progressive with some boring songs, with some good songs, there isn't new there again.

Marty Friedman 'Bad D.N.A.' 2010 50
instrumental modern. Everything would be very good but modern sound. Kick aside all these samples and Friedman guitar will sound in pure form again.

Anthrax 'Worship Music' 2011 60
Thrash. It's more or less normal Thrash with some modern music elements. I can't say it's an outstanding music because it's just common normal modern Thrash.

Marty Friedman 'Tokyo Jukebox 2' 2011 70
instrumental Melodic Heavy. At last it's again Melodic Metal (with just few modern touches). Marty proved yet again that he's one of the best guitarists in the world.

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter 'Samurai' 2004 70
Melodic Death/Folk. This band distinguished itself again as very interesting and catching Melodic Death Metal with Folk elements. These songs are very agreeably for listening.

Ancient Dome 'Perception of This World' 2010 70
Thrash. A miracle of uncommon Thrash still lives in Ancient Dome music. It's the same mixture of European and Bay Area Thrash with very interesting songs.

Devastate 'Armies of Hate' 2006 60
Thrash. This Thrash belongs to very aggressive Thrash school. Sometimes the sound evolves into Death but it's not so often to be Death Metal.


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