Subject: Weekly albums news 26.03.2012

My new albums of this week:

Napalm 'Cruel Tranquility', 'Zero to Black'
Pariah 'Blaze of Obscurity'
Voices Of Destiny 'Power Dive'
Reaper 'Beyond All Time', 'The Years Within'
Poltergeist 'Depression', 'Behind My Mask', 'Nothing Lasts Forever'
Blind Fury 'Out of Reach'
Cannon 'Thunder And Lightning', 'Back In Business', 'Metal Style'
Andromeda 'Manifest Tyranny'
Satan 'Court in the Act'
Freedom Call 'Land Of The Crimson Dawn'
Sunstorm 'Emotional Fire'
Theocracy 'As The World Bleeds'
Drifter 'Reality Turns to Dust', 'Nowhere To Hide'
Blind Guardian 'Memories of a Time to Come'
Morbid Jester 'Gates of Valhalla'
Frequency 'Compassion Denied'
Manitou 'Deadlock'
Soul Stealer 'Fear the Steal'
Chateau 'Psychotic symphony'
Unity 'Reborn'
Pandaemonium 'The Last Prayer'
Max Pie 'Initial Process'
Headquakes 'Fallout Diaries'
Aclla 'Landscape Revolution'
4th Dimension 'The White Path to Rebirth'
Memorized Dreams 'Theater of Life'
Eternal Reign 'The Dawn of Reckoning'
Skullview 'MetalKill The World'
Centinela 'La Nueva Ira'
Abyss 'Redención', 'Sin Angeles'
Hallowed 'Forgotten people'
Phantom Lord 'In twilight world'
Twelfth Gate 'Summoning'

New small reviews:

Accuser 'Who Dominates Who?' 1989 100
Thrash. What has become of Accuser music?! It was outstanding Thrash in the traditions of early Kreator, Destruction, Metallica and Megadeth.

Accuser 'Double Talk' 1991 70
Thrash. No, this work isn't worse than other band's releases from that time. It's just more typical Thrash with good guitar solos and some interesting songs.

Accuser 'Repent' 1992 50
Modern Thrash. It's already not that interesting for me Accuser. Now it's modern Thrash with some *core elements and not very interesting songs.

Chris Poland 'Return to Metalpolis' 1990 60
instrumental Prog. It's full-blooded Metal, not Fusion, Jazz Rock or guitar Shred. It's decent Progressive music with some other genres in the instrumental form.

Guardian 'First Watch' 1989 60
Hard&Heavy. It's typical enough US Hard&Heavy of 80s. It doesn't matter that Oz Fox from Stryper produced this album and contributed his voice, nevertheless the music's ordinary.

Michael Schenker 'Temple of Rock' 2011 80
Melodic Hard&Heavy. It's an excellent variant of modern German Melodic Metal. It's not only superb Schenker's guitar work, it's also the memorable melodious songs!

Guardian 'Fire And Love' 1990 50
Melodic Hard Rock. It's absolutely trivial US Melodic Hard Rock. There is nothing to listen on this album if you aren't a single-minded fan of this genre.

Guardian 'Miracle Mile' 1993 50
Melodic Hard Rock. There is also nothing in the music in comparison with Fire And Love. It's the same ordinary US Melodic Hard Rock without any originality.

Wicca 'Splended Deed' 1989 60
Thrash. This band shows all those German Thrash of 80s traditions that we know. This music sometimes reminds me of early Kreator with some different sound.

Coroner 'Death Cult' 2011 80
Thrash. This compilation consists of the demos and live song's versions. Indeed it's very good and interesting material with many rare band's stuff.

Slander 'Careless Talk Costs Lives' 1991 60
Heavy. Though this band is located in UK it's not problem to find in the music some NWoBHM rhythm. In other respects it's just reasonably good music without distinct originality.


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