Subject: Weekly albums news 12.03.2012

My new albums of this week:


New small reviews:

Kuni 'Rock' 2010 70
Hard&Heavy. It's seems that we listen to the album from 80s, not from 21st century. It's the same music inherent to US Hard&Heavy of 80s with few guitar solos.

Crown of Autumn 'The Treasures Arcane' 1997 70
Melodic Death/Black. It's type of the music where more or less attractive music turned into Black/Death. I can't say it's very original, but it's interestingly.

Banshee 'Rage Against Time' 1989 60
Hard&Heavy. It's traditional enough Hard&Heavy with some Heavy-only songs. It's a good and interesting album in spite of some lack of an originality.

Crown of Autumn 'Splendours from the Dark' 2011 60
Melodic Death. The band cleared up a mystery: it's In Flames-inspired music indeed! The music really reminds me of In Flames with some Black Metal elements.

Steel Aggressor 'From Ruins to Dust' 2011 80
Thrash. No, it's not well-known Thrash, it's something more. The music is various and interesting and of course it doesn't sound like early Metallica!

Zarpa 'Luchadores de la Paz' 2002 70
Melodic Heavy. Zarpa and its melodious music is already a trademark. This album is the same excellent melodic Heavy with the memorable songs and the skillful guitar work.

Morbid Sin 'Sins of the Flesh' 2010 70
Heavy/Thrash. Though it's a demo collection, the sound is pretty good. This work is Heavy with Thrash elements, with the fast rhythm and songs in spirit of 80s.

Impact 'Take the Pain' 1991 70
Thrash. Traditions of 80s Thrash live in Impact's music. It's a fast aggressive album with the screaming vocals and with the true headbangers songs.

Feanor 'Hellas' 2010 70
Melodic Power. For this once the music sometimes is close to Thrash - in Annihilator style. This work is very interesting and melodious, everyone looks up to Feanor!

Morton 'Come Read the Words Forbidden' 2011 50
Melodic Power. It's very typical Melodic Power album, there is absolutely nothing there to listen to. It's just another average project.

Withering Surface 'Force of Pace' 2004 50
Melodic Death. Is it In Flames again?! Unfortunately, yes, it is... The music on this album is In Flames of that time without any individuality.

Cairo 'Time of Legends' 2001 40
Art Progressive Rock. I didn't hope to listen to something extra-interesting there. I was right, it's the same boring Art Rock without any bright moments (for me).

Arida Vortex 'Invisible Tension' 2011 50
Melodic Speed&Power. There is nothing new again in the music. It's still the same mixture of Stratovarius, Helloween, Angra, even Rhapsody...


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