Subject: Weekly albums news 05.03.2012

My new albums of this week:

King's Evil 'Deletion Of Humanoise'
Anvil 'Still Going Strong'
Dreamland 'Exit 49'
Hagalma 'Sublevacion'

New small reviews:

Stress 'Live'n'Memory' 2009 60
Heavy. It's live album with the rare demo tracks from Brazilian Heavy Metal band of 80s. It's traditional Heavy without any special feature in the music.

Razor 'Open Hostility' 1991 60
Thrash. It's again fast enough Thrash, it's something between European Thrash trend of Kreator, Sodom, Tankard, etc. and Slayer. The songs haven't originality again...

Stress 'Amazon, First Metal Attack!' 2009 60
Heavy. Actually this compilation is the first band's album and the different live demos. The sound of the album is close to very early Heavy of 80s or even to the music of the end of 70s.

Razor 'Decibels' 1997 50
Thrash. It's Thrash but not exactly. The music is more modern Thrash than it's usual for true Thrash. The vocals are harsher than it's usual also. It's unusual for Razor but it's already less interesting for me.

Stress 'Atomic Flower, Brazilian Metal Explosion' 2010 60
Heavy. This compilation like 'Amazon...' actually is the second band's album with many bonus tracks. This is already true Heavy of 80s without anything special.

Phenomena 'Psychofantasy' 2006 40
AOR. Everything the most boring you've ever heard in AOR is here! It's an absolutely unemotional music in 'the best traditions' of AOR with the same unprepossessing songs.

Taurus 'Fissura' 2010 60
Thrash. It's apparent Brazilian Thrash in the traditions of Sepultura and alike. The songs are typical to Brazilian Thrash and generally Thrash and have no new ideas.

Antikira '' 70
Heavy. I don't know what this music means sometimes but it means something interesting. The music is various enough with quite a few good songs.

Forgotten Tales 'We Shall See the Light' 2010 70
Melodic Speed&Power. If the band plays very good Melodic Speed&Power, in the main traditions of the genre, I have nothing against it. It's still the same music with some Helloween elements and with many interesting songs.

Kayser 'Frame the World... Hang It on the Wall' 2006 70
Thrash. It's a sort of modern Thrash with a special music. On the other hand there are very interesting guitar solos there so the music attains its aims. 

TNT 'Intuition' 1989 60
AOR/Hard Rock. It's typical enough AOR/Hard Rock in US traditions. There is nothing very special there, it's just some good but standard songs.

TNT 'Realized Fantasies' 1992 50
AOR/Glam Hard Rock. Every early TNT album is the same music in my opinion. It's absolutely in trendy US Hard Rock traditions with very typical songs.

Nevereven 'The Progress of Disaster' 2011 60
Melodic Heavy. This mini album is based on the vocals, back-vocals and choirs only, the rest of the instruments are in the background. This work has many nice tunes and vocals parts, that's all.


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