Subject: Weekly albums news 13.02.2012

My new albums of this week:

Nevereven 'The Progress of Disaster'

New small reviews:

Briar 'Crown Of Thorns' 1988 60
Hard Rock/Hard&Heavy. It's Beach Boys of Hard Rock, the songs are almost the same but a bit heavier than that famous Rock band. The songs on this album are soft enough and have pop Rock direction.

Before Eden 'The Legacy Of Gaia' 2005 60
Prog/Heavy/Power. It seems to me this work is better than band's debut release. But it doesn't make the music better - it's still ordinary Progressive Metal with Heavy/Power elements.

Penumbra 'Seclusion' 2003 70
Melodic Gothic/Doom/Death. It's decent Gothic/Doom/etc., even for me. There are some melodious and various songs there that can catch you like me.

Azrael 'Mafia' 2000 60
Power/Heavy. This work is a typical enough music in Power/Heavy genre in Spanish language. There are some very good guitar songs among with few interesting tunes.

Tommy Vitaly 'Just Me' 2010 70
Melodic Heavy/Power. Heigh-ho, some songs sound like Helloween's 'Keeper...'! This work gives us some real positive emotions, do you need anything else?

Dragonheart 'Underdark' 1999 50
Melodic Power. It's not the best band that plays Melodic Power in Blind Guardian style. The music is similar to Blind Guardian of 90s but it's not enough to be really interesting band.

Crimson Wind 'The Wings Of Salvation' 2011 60
Melodic Heavy/Power. The music is fairly good in spite of not very original ideas. Anyway, this band stands a good chance to be more than just good band in the future.

Def Leppard 'Hysteria' 1987 60
Melodic Hard Rock. It's another step to pop Rock of the late years. The music is still interesting and good enough, thanks to Steve Clark efforts!

Thunderbolt 'Dung Idols' 2011 60
Heavy. The sound of this band is more and more in the traditions of classical Heavy Metal. So it's just high-quality Heavy Metal without any new idea.

Joe Lynn Turner 'Rescue You' 1985 40
AOR/pop Rock. No, I'm not sure that Turner will rescue you. It's AOR with strongly marked pop Rock sound so actually we need to rescue Turner from a dead music.

Artur Berkut 'Pravo Dano' 2011 70
Melodic Heavy. I think the closest man for reference of this music is Dio. This album presents mid-tempo Melodic Heavy with the memorable and catchy songs in some style of the immortal singer.

Joe Lynn Turner 'The Usual Suspects' 2005 70
Melodic Hard&Heavy. In under a century, I found Turner's album that's allowable to me. He added more Metal (for me) so the music doesn't sound so weak.


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