Subject: Weekly albums news 06.02.2012

My new albums of this week:


New small reviews:

Virus 'Lunacy' 1989 70
Thrash. It's Thrash of 80s, not violent, though it's brutal enough for that time. This work partially reminds me of Slayer and some other similar Thrash bands of those days.

Epysode 'Obsessions' 2011 80
Melodic Prog. It's very good musicians' collection on this project, fortunately the music is very good also. It's a complex music with many interesting melodious moments.

Alain Aime 'Survivor' 1989 60
instrumental Melodic Hard Rock. This album is a calm and solid instrumental work. I'm not sure his guitar technique is better than other guitar players, it's just a good uncomplicated music.

Wolfpakk '' 2011 70
Heavy/Power. Listen, this music actually is pretty good! Though there wasn't anything very special or new in the songs but even so musicians' experience created something interesting.

Astral Doors 'Jerusalem' 2011 60
Heavy. I like Astral Doors but now I can't find the spirit of the early works on the last albums. It's still the same good music but I think there is a little something wanting.

Sinner 'One Bullet Left' 2011 70
Heavy. Don't wait for a miracle once again. Sinner can't be diverse and it's never been. This album is actually good work in common band's traditions.

Onkel Tom Angelripper 'Nunc est bibendum' 2011 60
Folk Thrash. Nobody says it's not Onkel Tom, this album is absolutely in the traditions of all his solo works. Unfortunately this release doesn't lend variety to Angelripper's oeuvre.

Orion's Reign 'Nuclear Winter' 2008 60
Power. It's typical enough Power in the traditions of Stratovarius and alike. There aren't bad songs on this release, though there aren't outstanding songs there also.

Crystal Pride '' 1985 60
Heavy. It's Heavy of 80s with the female vocals. Maybe it was good and original music in band's town, but I think this album was ordinary Heavy of 80s.

Stamina 'Two Of A Kind' 2010 70
Melodic Heavy. Some pieces of Edguy and Royal Hunt, some pieces of something else, voila, it's Stamina. So it's decent Heavy with melodious and Progressive elements.

Destiny 'Atomic Winter' 1988 80
Heavy/Power. Early Destiny - it's something amazing! It's not only catchy songs from 80s, there are just mind-blowing vocals on this album!

Destiny 'Nothing Left To Fear' 1991 70
Melodic Heavy/Doom. The band played pure Heavy/Power a short while. This work already has some melodious Doom elements in the style of Candlemass.


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