Subject: Weekly albums news 14.11.2011

My new albums of this week:


New small reviews:

Overkill 'Under The Influence' 1988 80
Thrash. It's not only good Thrash of 80s, it's also technical Thrash with a complex enough sound. It's a music from the happiest Overkill times.

Overkill 'W.F.O.' 1994 60
Thrash. Even if there are many modern stuff there, there are normal Thrash on this album also as opposed to it. The music is acceptable enough.

Overkill 'From the underground and below' 1997 30
Modern Metal. I don't know what can be worse than such album in Thrash Metal band's career? It's a slow modern sh*t, Grunge, Groove or something like that.

Symphony X 'Iconoclast' 2011 50
Prog. Why do I hear Jorn Lande in this music instead of Symphony X?! It seems to me I must hear something like Symphony X, even though a bit... But it's common Jorn by the music and the vocals, no good...

Pagan's Mind 'Heavenly Ecstasy' 2011 60
Prog. It's a quite good music though it's again the music without anything new. There is still something special in the sound but it's already not the first band's works.

Carptree '' 2011 60
Art Rock. It's a soft enough music, even not 'Hard'. Actually it's Art Rock without anything heavier that Rock itself, with some pop Rock sound.

In Flames 'Sounds Of A Playground Fading' 2011 60
Melodic Death. There is nothing unexpected in the music. It's not bad Melodic Death with the good guitar work, with some very interesting arrangements and with just few modern touches.

Carptree 'Superhero' 2003 50
Art Rock. It's a trendier work than the first release, the music seems rather good for the bands like Duran Duran and alike. It's absolutely not that Art Rock I'd like to hear.

Billionaires Boys Club 'Something wicked comes' 1993 70
Melodic Hard&Heavy. This music is absolutely US Hard&Heavy in the style of innumerable US bands of 80s. Nevertheless it's a work of European music stars, very interesting work.

U.D.O. 'Mastercutor Alive' 2008 80
Melodic Heavy. It's a live video with some bonus materials.

Falconer 'Armod' 2011 70
Melodic Folk/Heavy/Power. It's the shadows of Mithotyn, this music is closer to that glorious times than to Falconer's Power. The music is Folk based on Heavy (no Death or alike at all!) and with some fast songs.


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