Subject: Weekly albums news 24.10.2011

My new albums of this week:

Impact 'Take the Pain'
Impaler 'Nightmare Attack'
Ash Inheritance 'Devastated By Fire'
Wicca 'Splended Deed'
Slander 'Careless Talk Costs Lives'
Cairo 'Time of Legends'
Dug Pinnick 'Emotional Animal', 'Strum Sum Up'
Arida Vortex 'Invisible Tension'
R-Genium 'Kuda Privodyat Mechty'
Chris Poland 'Return to Metalpolis'
Talisman 'Cats And Dogs'
Derek Sherinian 'Oceana'
Dog d'Amour 'In The Dynamite Jet Saloon', 'A Graveyard Of Empty Bottles...', 'Errol Flynn', 'Straight', 'More Unchartered Heights Of Disgrace', 'Happy Ever After'
Michael Schenker 'Temple of Rock'
Accuser 'Who Dominates Who?', 'Double Talk', 'Repent'
Stormbringer ''
Coroner 'Death Cult'
Guardian 'First Watch', 'Fire And Love', 'Miracle Mile'
Marty Friedman 'Bad D.N.A.', 'Tokyo Jukebox 2'

New small reviews:

Margenta 'Neytralizator Mrachnosti' 2009 60
Melodic Blues Rock'n'Roll Hard&Heavy. It's more pop Rock oriented music than Heavy Metal. The music is trendy melodious, though it's a various enough sound at the same time.

Vrata 'Doroga Zovyot' 2010 60
Heavy. It's not just Heavy, it's Motorhead-like Heavy, it's Thrashy Heavy. The music is more various than Motorhead, we must be thankful for small mercies.

Kingdom Come 'Magnified' 2009 60
pop Stoner Rock. Though the music is trendy enough, with some pop, electronic, alternative sound, even so there is something in the songs. Worse things happen.

Abordazh 'Spokoynaya Zhizn' Ne dlya Nas' 2010 70
Melodic Speed&Power. The music is still the same: the fast and interesting songs, the good vocals. Anyway there is something there to catch you without fail.

Margenta 'Tsvetok Mayorana' 2010 60
Melodic Heavy. This Single/EP is a collection of the slow, ballads-like or acoustic songs. This music is as nice as usual, something is trendy, something is not bad.

Rock'n'Raw Bottled Band 'Na Dne Butylki' 2010 50
Heavy/Stoner. No bottles, no Rock'n'Roll are there. It's some modern stuff with some Heavy and Stoner principle, it's an absolutely fade music.

Kruger 'Vera I Religiya' 2002 50
Melodic Heavy/Power. It's insomuch not bright and typical so I have no words to say something positive. It's Heavy with Power elements and some Rock'n'Roll touches and with the boring songs.

Glossy Teria 'Tochka Nevozvrata' 2010 40
pop Melodic Heavy. That's a hot one! It's a totally wasted music in Within Temptation and alike bands with the boring typical songs and with the female vocals.

Glossy Teria '' 2009 40
pop Melodic Heavy. This single is less boring (because it's short) than the full-length album. But anyway it's the same sh*t.

Kruger 'Devyatyy Messiya' 2009 50
Melodic Heavy/Power. Is it an audio book or a music at the end of the day?! There are long pauses with the boring whispers, the songs are segmental and occasional.

Kruger 'Shipy I Rozy' 2009 70
Melodic Heavy. It's a compilation from the basically best Kruger's songs with few additional material. It's not a bad selection for such albums.

Kruger 'Ordamor' 2010 70
Melodic Power/Heavy. A little less conversation, a little more action! Fortunately it's not an audio book again, it a normal music with very good, powerful memorable songs in spirit of true Kruger.

Kruger 'Tol'ko dlya Belyh Dushoyu...' 2010 60
Heavy/Thrash. Why can't the band understand that the babble between the songs isn't a good idea? There are some not bad songs there and thankfully not so many blabbering.

Gaina 'S Kem Ty Igraesh' I Poyosh'?' 2008 50
Alternative Rock. Somewhere instrumental this work is again a modern stuff. Nevertheless there are some not bad guitar works again on this solo album. 


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