Subject: Weekly albums news 17.10.2011

My new albums of this week:

Metalmorphose 'Nossa Droga E o Heavy Metal'
Stress 'Amazon, First Metal Attack!', 'Atomic Flower, Brazilian Metal Explosion', 'Live'n'Memory'
Taurus 'Fissura'
Crown of Autumn 'Splendours from the Dark', 'The Treasures Arcane'
Withering Surface 'Force of Pace'
Kayser 'Frame the World... Hang It on the Wall'
Zarpa 'Luchadores de la Paz'
Feanor 'Hellas'

New small reviews:

Y.O.C. 'Metal Warrior Part II' 2011 80
Heavy. If it wasn't for the cover-versions it would be better than it is. It's close to the original vocals that means very various vocals, the guitar work is perfect too.

Hell 'Human Remains' 2011 90
Heavy. It's hard to imagine this wonderful music gathers dust during 30 years! It's the excellent songs of early NWoBHM performed with the modern arrangements and guitar sound.

Blind Rover '10 Let Skitaniy' 2009 50
Heavy. I'd like to hear at least a copy of Running Wild, unfortunately it's simply another average Heavy Metal band with Tortuga and Boarding in the lyrics, there is nothing interesting at all in the music.

Master 'VIII' 2010 50
Modern Heavy/Thrash. What kind of niff is from this album? Is it really modern music infection?! I smell decay, the music is few Thrash songs, all other is a modern slow stuff, not very annoy but already
not interesting.

Arch Enemy 'Khaos Legions' 2011 80
Melodic Death. By tradition the best part of Arch Enemy's music is the guitar work. It's an excellent album with such guitars and in general not bad songs.

Harizma 'Sila I Vera' 2011 60
Melodic Power/Heavy. It's again and again the same not bad but not original music. It's Power with Heavy in some Stratovarius style and without anything else.

Dead Head 'Depression Tank' 2009 60
Thrash. It's more aggressive than Thrash, something in modern Slayer style. Everything's on a high speed, sometimes it's difficult to tell one song from the other ones.

Forsazh 'Ramki Prilichiya' 2010 60
Heavy. It's another typical Russian melodious Heavy Metal band. Along with some not bad songs there is nothing special or distinguished in the music at all.

Korsika 'Apokalipsis Afterparty' 2009 60
Heavy. I had no doubt about that it's the same music. But there are few changes there: more melodic, more arrangements and a very little more Progressive.

Lillian Axe 'Fields Of Yesterday' 1999 50
Hard&Heavy. There are few nice melodious songs there, all the rest is some type of common for me sound with the forgettable songs. At least this album didn't impress me from the first time like other band's albums.

Staryy Gorod 'Volch'ya Yama', 'Pyatnitsa 13' 1989 70
Heavy. It's an absolutely underground music by the sound: the echoed vocals, guitar, some rhythm and that's all as a matter of fact. The bonus CD with the live album consists of even more interesting material I think.


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