Subject: Weekly albums news 03.10.2011

My new albums of this week:

Y.O.C. 'Metal Warrior Part II'

New small reviews:

December 9th 'Art Mind Destruction' 2010 40
pop Melodic Heavy/Black. If they had a real drummer, probably they would be better band. But this music is overloaded by the keys and the dance loops so I dismiss this band.

No Trouble 'Looking for Trouble' 1985 70
Melodic Heavy. It's typical but good early Melodic Heavy with Hard&Heavy elements. This album has many interesting and memorable songs as befits.

No Trouble 'Watch Out' 1986 60
Heavy. As for me this album is more typical and predictable Heavy than their debut work. There are also some Iron Maiden influences in the guitar work.

Stone 'Emotional Playground' 1991 40
Alternative modern Thrash. Everything would be ok if it wasn't for a modern music with Alternative. Unfortunately there is no end of the modern trash there along with Thrash.

Dreamtale 'Epsilon' 2011 60
Melodic Power. It's a mixture of Stratovarius, Helloween, Rhapsody and even Heavens Gate. That is to say it's the latest in the series of Hammerfalls.

Ken Hensley 'Faster' 2011 60
Hard Rock. It's not bad Hard Rock with a common sound of 70s and Uriah Heep sound in particular. Generally speaking, there aren't anything very special there.

Jamilya 'Over The Edge' 1997 60
Hard&Heavy. It's simply typical US Hard&Heavy without anything special. Maybe there are some memorable guitar solos there as a bonus to the listening to this album.

Carmine Appice's Guitar Heroes '' 2010 50
Hard Rock. What do we need to appraise there: Carmine Appice's drums, the guitars or the music itself? It's no difference for me because the music is typically boring Hard Rock with Funk, Blues, etc. elements.

Talon 'Neutralized' 1984 60
Heavy. It's above typical German Heavy Metal band, melodious enough, sometimes almost early Speed, but 'almost' exactly. Occasionally there are few elements of early Running Wild and alike bands.

Neal Morse 'Testimony Two' 2011 70
Melodic Art Prog Rock. There's no need to dramatize, surprisingly this album likes me at one blow. Supposedly there was nothing very special for me there but the songs especially from 2nd CD caught me.

Talon 'Never Look Back' 1985 60
Heavy. It's a direct continuation of the first band's album. It's the same music, partially 'almost Speed' again. I really don't know is the difference between these albums?

Talon 'Vicious Game' 1986 70
Heavy. At last the band hasn't a try at playing anything else but Heavy. It's true German Heavy in the traditions of Accept and many other German bands.

Eden's Curse 'Trinity' 2011 50
Melodic Hard&Heavy. Well, it's actually the same music that we hear from one to another Eden's Curse album. It's a forcedly melodious music not for memorizing.


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