Subject: Weekly albums news 13.06.2011

My new albums of this week:

Tacere 'Beautiful Darkness'
Stone 'Emotional Playground'
Mattsson 'Another Dimension'
Malpracice 'Deviation From The Flow'
Alice Cooper 'DADA'
Prih Lop  'Puppet of the Faith'
Sons of Seasons 'Magnisphyricon'
Power Quest 'Blood Alliance'
December 9th 'Art Mind Destruction'
Baltimoore 'Original Sin'
Tiamat 'Skeleton Skeletron', 'Judas Christ', 'A Deeper King Of Slumber'
Moonspell 'Sin/Pecado', '2econd skin', 'The Butterfly Effect', 'Darkness And Hope', 'The Antidote'
Dreamtale 'Epsilon'

New small reviews:

Emerald Sun 'Regeneration' 2011 60
Melodic Speed&Power. It's typical enough Speed&Power with really Speed and really Power sound. There is no originality at all on this album but a good music.

Mr. Big 'What If...' 2011 60
AOR Melodic Hard Rock. It's not bad album for any AOR come-back. It's again good and melodious music with some catching songs and many interesting guitar solos.

Black Tears 'Child Of The Storm' 1984 60
Heavy. It's typical enough German Heavy for 80s, something it sounds like early Accept. The music still has some Hard&Heavy elements but in general it's early Heavy.

Evergrey 'Glorious collision' 2011 60
Power/Prog. It seems to me we have more brutal sound than it's usual. In other respects it's Evergrey with their deep sound, powerful and complex.

Black Tears 'The Slave' 1985 70
Heavy. It's still the same German Heavy of 80s with Accept influences. There are some really not bad songs there along with the good musicians work.

WWIII '' 1990 80
Heavy. Surprisingly this US band of early 90s sounds like German Heavy Metal band! It's true Heavy without popular Glam or Blues Hard&Heavy with truly German Metal vocals like say Lothar Antoni (Trance).

Faithful Breath 'Fading Beauty' 1974 80
Prog Rock. It's a rarely magnificent music from 70s for me. Imagine the music of Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Doors in Prog/Art gothic-ambient atmosphere!

Overdrive 'Metal Attack' 1983 60
Heavy. It's nice traditional Heavy of 80s with some decent songs and guitar solos. The vocals sometimes remind me of Ozzy Osbourne by some voceless.

Faithful Breath 'Back On My Hill' 1980 60
Melodic Art Rock. It's absolutely another side of this many-sided band. Now it's AOR-like Art Rock with the slow ballads songs and soft Rock sounding.

Artillery 'My Blood' 2011 80
Thrash. It's black and white, this is real Artillery and real Thrash again. There are the excellent fast songs, complex sound and blast of energy there.

Children of Bodom 'Relentless, Reckless Forever' 2011 60
Melodic Death. At least In Flames already isn't that famous Melodic Death band, Children of Bodom displaced them in the world. This work is normal for old-style In Flames music with many guitars and not very trendy Children of Bodom sound of the albums from band's past.

Bon Scott 'Round And Round - The Forgotten Tales' 2011 70
Rock. This compilation of already known songs with Bon Scott and few conditionally 'new' songs. The music as usual for early Bon Scott's works is Rock of 60s-70s with The Beatles influences.

Overdrive 'Sword And Axes' 1984 70
Heavy. It's more powerful music than a debut album. It's still that Heavy of 80s with the traditional sound, some good songs and the main thing - true spirit of that time.


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