Subject: Weekly albums news 30.05.2011

My new albums of this week:


New small reviews:

Overdrive 'Angelmaker' 2011 70
Heavy. It's not a piece of cake to play such music though it's just a music of 80s powered by 21st century. Once again there is nothing new there but very positive music.

Killer 'Stronger Than Ever' 1984 70
Heavy. All bands in the world that I know was called Killer played Heavy Metal, this Killer isn't an exception. This album is Heavy in European traditions especially in Accept style.

Liquid Horizon 'The Script Of Life' 2010 70
Prog. This Progressive is powerful enough to be a prosaic music. It's a mighty music, sometimes with Power elements in style of e.g. Nevermore, Threshold and other 'brutal' Progressive/Power bands.

Mordred 'Fool's Game' 1989 60
Thrash. It's not so solid and fast Thrash as usual for many Thrash Metal bands and there are just few Funk/modern elements there. The vocals sometimes reminds me of Mustaine.

Mordred 'In This Life' 1991 30
pop modern. If the first album was more or less close to Thrash, the last one was an absolute sh*t, this transitional album is already closer to sh*t. It's rap with dying Metal sound absorbed by a modern noise.

Stryper 'The Covering' 2001 60
Hard&Heavy. It's a collection of popular Rock/Metal songs performed by Stryper. It's not bad idea to play the good songs by the good band but for a repetition of everything identical to original.

Rhevan 'Drunk with the Blood of Saints' 2011 50
Melodic Heavy. Not fast Heavy with the female vocals - isn't it Nightwish-like band? This EP unites many of well-known features of the similar bands includes some Gothic elements.

TX Barryt 'X's' 1993 60
Hard&Heavy. This work is in the traditions of US Glammy Hard&Heavy of 80s with some true German Heavy songs. It's not bad but not original work.

Presto Ballet 'Invisible Places' 2001 60
Art Hard Rock. It's still something in 70's Hard Rock like Uriah Heep but with some Art Rock influences. Sometimes it's not bad music in comparison with their previous work.

Cain's Dinasty 'Madmen, Witches And Vampires' 2010 60
Speed&Power. Where may it come in handy? This is half one thing, half another, it's still the same Italian-like ordinary Speed&Power with ineffectual Progressive elements.

Heavy Load 'Full Speed at High Level' 1978 60
Heavy. Even so it's Heavy in spite of sound of 70s (actually it's 70s indeed). Anyway it's very advanced sound for that time against all the odds.


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