Subject: Weekly albums news 04.04.2011

My new albums of this week:


New small reviews:

Liar 'Nothing But the Truth' 1989 70
Speed&Power/Thrash. It's very interesting idea to unite Thrash, Power/Speed, the melodic parts, unceasing keys and maybe a piece of Progressive. The vocals reminds me of Jon Oliva.

Liar 'Cheatin' Games' 1991 80
Speed&Power/Thrash. Basically it's a continuation of 'Nothing But the Truth', the same attractive sound and of course the vocals. Maybe everything sounds more completely than debut album.

Exciter 'Death Machine' 2010 80
Speed/Thrash. It's little wonder that you listen to this work in one breath again. It's a fast music, Speed/Thrash, sometimes so fast and brutal - I can say even with some Death elements.

Synthphonia Suprema 'The Future Ice-Age' 2010 60
Melodic Speed&Power. This work can be described as some type of the music in Dragonforce style overloaded by the keys. It's actually very fast music with many-many keys, so the music sometimes has electronic sounding.

220 Volt 'Mind Over Music' 1985 60
Heavy. It's again nice traditional Heavy Metal of 80s. There are some not bad for Heavy of 80s songs there but it's hard to say we have something very special there.

Lionsheart 'Under Fire' 1998 50
AOR/Hard Rock. This music is so monotonous and boring for me to try to judge impartially for my own part. It seems the music is not bad indeed but there is something there that makes me feel bored.

Fifth Angel 'Time Will Tell' 1989 60
Melodic Heavy. The music between Hard&Heavy and Heavy still leads this band. It's again melodious Heavy in the traditions of the trends of that time.

White Spirit '' 1980 60
Hard Rock. This Hard Rock isn't heavier itself to be Heavy Metal, fortunately early NWoBHM doesn't mean Heavy Metal in the modern sense of this term. White Spirit is closer to Uriah Heep, especially because of Hammond.

Tank 'Filth Hounds of Hades' 1982 80
Heavy. That's more like it, we have really powerful Heavy with Motorhead influences. It's very good, yea, outstanding for that time album.

Tank 'This Means War' 1983 60
NWoBHM. It's at last typical for Hard&Heavy/NWoBHM of 80s music. This album still keeps few traditions of 70s Hard Rock, at the same time I hear far less Motorhead elements.

Tank 'Honour And Blood' 1985 80
Heavy. What's good Tank for me? That all the indices in this band are better than Motorhead. It's powerful and various UK Heavy with the interesting and memorable songs.

Tank 'War Machine' 2010 80
Heavy. See what another singer can do! It's an absolutely another music, at least not that well-known Tank. Now we have something like Dio/Tony Martin time Black Sabbath and some Iron Maiden and Saxon touches on the fast songs.


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