Subject: Weekly albums news 28.03.2011

My new albums of this week:

In Extremo 'Sterneneisen'
Children of Bodom 'Relentless, Reckless Forever'
Assassin 'Breaking the silence'
Mr. Big 'What If...'
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter 'Moral & Wahnsinn'
Onslaught 'Sounds Of Violence'
Evergrey 'Glorious collision'
Jag Panzer 'Scourge of the light'
The Heat 'Goldfinger', ''
Beau Nasty 'Dirty, But Well Dressed'
Silver Lake ''
Soulspell 'Labyrinth Of Truths'
Overdrive 'Metal Attack', 'Sword And Axes'
Lawdy 'Outlaw Invasion', 'No Chance For Mercy'
Axenstar 'Aftermath'
Appearance Of Nothing 'All Gods Are Gone'
Black Tears 'Child Of The Storm', 'The Slave'
Holy Rage ''
Burzum 'The Fallen'
Bon Scott 'Round And Round - The Forgotten Tales'
Faithhealer 'Welcome to the Edge of the World'
Sebastien 'Tears Of White Roses'
Pallas 'XXV'
Last Autumn's Dream 'Yes'
Piligrim 'Marta'
Railway 'Persecution Mania'
Motorjesus 'Wheels Of Purgatory'
The Dogma 'Black Widow'
Danger Zone 'Line Of Fire'
Signum Regis 'The Eyes Of Power'

New small reviews:

Helstar 'The glory of chaos' 2010 80
Power/Speed/Thrash. It's surprisingly very brutal and powerful work, Thrash with even few Black Metal touches. James River's vocals and the fast music blow your mind!

Manticora 'Safe' 2010 50
Power. This work seems very monotonous to me. This music is fast and powerful enough, with some Blind Guardian influences and nothing catching for me.

Death Angel 'Relentless Retribution' 2010 70
Thrash. It's a various enough album in comparison with all other late Death Angel's works. It's really very good release for modern US Thrash.

8-Point Rose 'Primigenia' 2010 50
Power/Heavy. It's a typical enough form many Swedish Power Metal bands music, such not fast but powerful Metal. I found nothing new and original there in the music.

Virgin Steele 'The Black Light Bacchanalia' 2010 80
Heavy/Power. We haven't such various music from Virgin Steele long ago. It's not only classic for the band sound, we have many new interesting and unusual parts that vary the music adequately.

Trancemission 'Back In Trance II' 2003 70
Melodic Heavy. Though this band (as itself and as a continuation of Trance) already can't create anything new, don't be so tragic about it. It's still the same melodious Heavy without anything superfluous.

Trancemission 'Mine' 2005 80
Melodic Heavy. Now you're talking! Trancemission push aside other similar bands again with this work. It's as usual melodious German Heavy with many memorable songs.

Yngwie Malmsteen 'Relentless' 2010 80
Melodic Heavy. Malmsteen recalled he's a guitar master, not anybody else, so a little less conversation, a little more action! We already have an excellent guitar work with more instrumental parts than with the boring parts with the singer.

Vinnie Moore 'To the Core' 2009 70
instrumental Funk Prog Rock. I haven't heard such lullabies many weeks. No, I don't mean it's a boring music, indeed it's a relaxing music with the calm sound, very suitable for falling asleep.

Heavy Bones '' 1992 70
Melodic Hard&Heavy. Nobody challenged US band from the very beginning of 90s would be nothing in Melodic Hard&Heavy with Blues and Glam elements but only. It's an interesting enough work in the typical traditions of that time.


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