Subject: Weekly albums news 07.02.2011

My new albums of this week:

Masterstroke 'As Days Grow Darker'
Leverage 'Circus Colossus'
Kallisto 'Doroga'
Eric Norlander 'The Galactic Collective'
Darkwater 'Where Stories End'
Skelator 'Death To All Nations'
Dark Moor 'Ancestral Romance'
Mistheria 'Dragon Fire'
Jaguar 'Power Games'
The Shadow Theory 'Behind The Black Veil'
Golden Resurrection 'Glory To My King'
Creation's End 'A New Beginning'
The Claymore 'Damnation Reigns'
7Days 'Into Forever'
Girlschool 'Nightmare at Maple Cross', 'Take A Bite', ''
Seven Thorns 'Return To The Past'
Rein Xeed 'Majestic'
Firecracker 'Born Of Fire'

New small reviews:

Stratovarius 'Elysium' 2011 50
Melodic Heavy. It's an ordinary Stratovarius album for me. It's a repetition of the old songs with some changed riffs, melody structure, etc, there is nothing new at all.

Adamant 'Krov' Rassveta' 2010 60
Melodic Heavy. This Heavy is within all traditions of typical Heavy. There are some not bad solos, some good vocals there in the background of typical music.

Phenomena 'Blind Faith' 2010 50
AOR/Hard&Heavy. It's very typical music without anything really new. It's a project with many invited singers and with the absolutely typical AOR songs.

Dragonsfire 'Metal Service' 2010 60
Power/Heavy. This band is a steam hammer for the true and powerful Heavy Metal songs. With Heavy principle this work is Power without the keys and cheesy songs.

Annathema 'Don't Go Down' 1997 50
Heavy/Stoner/Thrash. This work has nothing to do with old Annathema. It's a modern stuff with some Motorhead influences and a boring monotonous music.

Therion 'Sitra Ahra' 2010 80
Melodic Heavy. I'm glad to listen to this work because this music is melodic, various and just interesting. This album is in the same traditions which we have during the last Therion's albums.

Legacy 'Metallic Assault' 2009 80
Speed/Thrash. Thank you guys for this music nowadays! It's a music from 80s without a modern stuff, it's pure Speed/Thrash in the traditions of German Metal scene of those times.

Kickhunter 'All in' 2010 70
Blues Hard Rock. Surprisingly, partially this work reminds me of Helloween's Chameleon, sometimes the vocals sound like Kiske. In other respects it's not bad Hard Rock with Blues elements and some not bad songs.

Metatrone 'The Powerful Hand' 2006 70
Melodic Heavy/Power. This music sometimes is similar to Stratovarius by the rhythm and the songs structure. It's a nice melodious music with some not bad songs.

Flotsam And Jetsam 'The Cold' 2010 70
Heavy/Thrash. Not fast tracks from this album are very good and interesting Heavy. But some fast tracks have more modern sound to be Thrash in Flotsam&Jetsam's traditions.

MP 'Melting Point' 1992 60
Heavy/Power. This is true German Heavy Metal with some Power elements and with a classical sound. The vocals slightly remind me of Udo and other similar singers.

Alcoholic Force '' 2009 70
Thrash. This short and the only work is Thrash of 80s in European style like early Kreator. It's 5 tracks EP with the fast songs without many words.

Swashbuckle 'Crime Always Pays...' 2010 60
Death/Thrash. One year is between this work and the last work, is there anything new? No, there isn't. It's still the same mixture of In Flames and modern Death.


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