Subject: Weekly albums news 24.01.2011

My new albums of this week:

Adastra 'Death of Domination'
Emre Onbayraktar 'Onlar ve Digerleri'
Northwind 'Chronicas de Aravan: El Retorno del Rey'
Destra 'Sea of Doubt'
Dark Mirror 'Visions of Pain'
Faces of Madness 'Rusted Memories'
Solar Fragment 'A Spark of Deity'
Tankard 'Vol(l)ume 14'
Stratovarius 'Elysium'
Revolution Renaissance 'Trinity'
Edenbridge 'Solitaire'
Galathea 'Iz Glubiny'
Iron Fire 'Metalmorphosized'
Cloven Hoof 'A Sultans Ransom'
Fast Eddie Clarke 'It Ain't Over Till It's Over'
Ghost Machinery 'Out For Blood'
Anthriel 'The Pathway'
Michael Harris 'Tranz-Fused'
Tank 'Filth Hounds of Hades', 'This Means War', 'Honour And Blood'
Torch '', 'Fireraiser'
XYZ ''
Black Knight ''
Akela 'Fattyudal'

New small reviews:

Big Ball 'Hotter than Hell' 2010 60
Hard&Heavy. Big balls to the fly on the wall, we have a mixture of AD/DC with Udo. It's Rock'n'Roll music in the traditions of AC/DC with some drive songs.

Contagious 'The Calling' 2001 50
AOR/Melodic Hard&Heavy. It's typical enough AOR/Melodic Hard&Heavy with very foreseeable songs. If you don't like AOR itself you don't find anything interesting there I think.

Iron Mask 'Shadow Of The Red Baron' 2010 50
Melodic Power. So it's the same music with Malmsteen-like guitar sound and the similar tunes. In other respects it's a common music of the same way's bands.

Pharao 'Road to Nowhere' 2010 50
Heavy. It's an absolute faceless release for me. There's nothing catching there: no memorable tunes, solos or anything else. Sometimes I hear Biff Byford's voice because he sings there as the guest singer along with the others.

Hatred 'Destruction Manual' 2010 60
Thrash. This work is interesting enough as a mixture of German Thrash and US (Bay Area) Thrash. It's easy to find there many interesting moments in the music.

Citron 'Radegast' 1987 80
Melodic Heavy. Citron is very various band, this work is Melodic Heavy with some Power elements. There are very lovely songs with the memorable tunes and very good guitar solos.

Mr. Perfect 'Fasten Seat-Belts' 1993 80
Melodic Hard&Heavy. The vocals and catching Hard&Heavy make this work differing other German Hard&Heavy bands. It's a mixture of German melodic traditions and enjoyable Hard&Heavy.

Flame 'Blaze' 1989 60
Glam Hard Rock. It's typical US Glam Hard Rock in spirit of many similar bands of 80s. It's a nice, sometimes bluesy music without special features.

James LaBrie ' Static Impulse' 2010 70
Heavy/Death. Bewilderment - Death? Yes, we have many Death vocals on this album so it sounds like In Flames very much. In other respects it can't be called Progressive so James LaBrie made something original indeed.

Circles Of Mind 'Revelation Insight' 2009 70
Melodic Power. This music can be relegated to Italian Power-like bands. It's not bad music with many goos guitars solos and some not bad songs.

Blackmore's Night 'Autumn Sky' 2010 100
Melodic Folk. It's a perfectly performed music in medieval Folk style. Blackmore is at his best again, it seems as if you image that musical and mystical time.

Hawk '' 1985 80
Heavy. Hawk presents us so nice for me Heavy of 80s. As usual it's very good songs with the admirable vocals and true Heavy sound without Glam or anything else.


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