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My new albums of this week:


New small reviews:

Bloodgood '' 1986 80
Melodic Heavy. It's very pleasant debut work. The music is very melodious US Heavy with some NWoBHM touches, especially if you are turning a blind eye that the song 'Killing the Beast' is a copy of Judas Priest's 'Breaking the Law'.

Bloodgood 'Detonation' 1987 100
Melodic Heavy. It's powerful enough Heavy with very interesting, easy to say surpassing songs. This band along with Stryper are magnum opus of such trend.

Bloodgood 'Rock In A Hard Place' 1988 60
Melodic Hard Rock. Simpler sound, simpler music, it's nice but not so bright Hard Rock now. The music is still melodic but already without anything catching in the songs.

Bloodgood 'Out Of The Darkness' 1989 70
Hard&Heavy. It's better for me than 'Rock In A Hard Place' but it's already not the first albums. This music is more Bluesy Hard&Heavy with the nice but typical songs.

Trance 'Rockers' 1991 80
Melodic Heavy. As usual is excellent German Melodic Heavy Metal. It's a collection of very interesting and memorable songs in Trance classic style.

Bloodgood 'All Stand Together' 1991 60
AOR/Melodic Hard Rock. It's nice but typical AOR/Melodic Hard Rock again. All songs has nothing special, it's just a collection of not bad melodic songs.

Trance 'Shock Power' 1994 70
Melodic Heavy. Trance has ever been nothing else but true German Melodic Metal. This work again consists of many nice and memorable songs.

Labyrinth 'Return To Heaven Denied Pt.II - A Midnight Autumn's Dream' 2010 50
Melodic Speed&Power. Yes, it's already Melodic Speed&Power without anything superfluous. Unfortunately, this album is without any idea at all, it's just standard Italian Melodic Speed&Power.

Zed Yago 'Pilgrimage' 1989 80
Melodic Heavy. It's typical for Jutta Weinhold's projects music - slow melodious Heavy with Dio influences. It's really excellent music with the memorable songs, amazing vocals and guitars solos.

Mekong Delta 'Wanderer On The Edge Of Time' 2010 70
Prog. It's a second album from new Mekong Delta era. The music is less and less Thrash, and more and more pure Progressive with many not bad songs.

Sultan 'Check And Made' 1990 70
Melodic Heavy. This work is an example of European Melodic Metal (nevertheless) of 80s. It means as usual the nice tunes, memorable songs, good vocals and guitar works.


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