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My new albums of this week:

Dreadnox 'Dance of Ignorance'
Waterland 'Virtual Time'

New small reviews:

Thunderstone 'Dirt Metal' 2009 70
Heavy/Prog. It's slow but powerful melodious Heavy with Progressive elements and even with some Stoner, groove or something else sound. This work can be compared with many special not fast Heave bands like say Astral Doors.

Witchery 'Witchkrieg' 2010 50
Death. As for Swedish Death, I think it's not bad work fitting the bill of the genre. But it's not that Witchery I remember, it seems there is nothing individual from old band's music now.

Battleaxe 'Burn This Town' 1983 60
NWoBHM. Again we have very demonstrative example of NWoBHM - Battleaxe. It's a mixture of Judas Priest, Motorhead and for example Diamond Head, Demon, etc.

Vanden Plas 'The Seraphic Clockwork' 2010 70
Heavy/Prog. It's not bad work with many orchestral parts. The music is various enough though there aren't very bright and memorable parts just for crooning to myself.

Battleaxe  'Power From The Universe' 1984 70
NWoBHM. It's the same Judas Priest of the previous work. But there are some not bad songs there that are I think as interesting as memorable and catching.

Y&T 'Facemelter' 2010 60
AOR/Melodic Hard&Heavy. Either is seems to me or it's really true but I already heard some of the songs from this album... Nevermind, it's again very interesting and melodic music like in good old times.

Pretty Maids 'Pandemonium' 2010 50
AOR/Hard&Heavy. It's some unprepossessing, unsuccessful album where all songs aren't memorable and catching. I see a tendency in Pretty Maids to make such albums during the last works. Temporarily?

Soul Enema 'Thin Ice Crawling' 2010 40
Prog. It would be average under-Progressive but for the synthesized strings instruments and the national instruments that set the teeth on edge. There are some Folk elements also as well.

Force of Evil '' 2004 70
Power. It seems the closest comparison is (Morgana) Lefay. It's the same slow but powerful sound, with not bad songs and just few touches of Mercyful Fate.

In Search For 'Faith' 2009 50
Prog. I think the band tried to follow the way of Ayreon and other 'space' Prog Rock acts. This version is not very distinguished work, with the same ideas.

Lancia '' 1992 60
Glam Hard Rock. It's very typical US Glam to look for something special. In clean opinion, it's not bad music of this genre with the good vocals and guitar work.

Air Force 'Legend' 2010 80
Melodic Heavy. Air Force is a new name with the well-known musicians. This EP is an excellent Melodic Heavy with Power elements, memorable songs and (of course) with superb musicians' work.

Helloween '7 Sinners' 2010 80
Melodic Power. I wasn't going to be astonished but this new Helloween's album leads me to do it. Together with already known Helloween's features there are new ideas and very special things so it's the best works for me for the last years since The Dark Ride.


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