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Grave Digger 'The Clans Will Rise Again' 2010 50
Heavy/Power. 'Again' is a wrong word. 'Again' infests the music by beforehand old and known music and screams 'Well, it's Again the same!' I didn't wait for anything new from this album and was right: it's still the same, Again and Again.

Sargant Fury 'Still Want More' 1991 70
Melodic Hard&Heavy. This music is closer to US Glam/Hard Rock but with excellent German melodiousness. It's hard to imagine that Andrew McDermott's vocals sound perfectly in such type of music as well as on Threshold. 

Sargant Fury 'Little Fish' 1993 60
Melodic Hard&Heavy. It's nice enough but even so typical for such music. It's still more US-like music than German, in the common traditions of the genre.

Sargant Fury 'Turn The Page' 1995 80
Melodic Hard Rock. This album can be called as slow and melodic songs' collection in the traditions of such bands like Axxis, Heavens Gate, Rough Silk. It's really very interesting album with the memorable songs.

Opera Magna 'Poe' 2010 60
Melodic Speed&Power. It's complete Rhapsody's copy. They use absolutely all Rhapsody ideas including the orchestrations, guitar riffs, vocals parts, etc., but the lyrics on Spanish language. Anyway, it's very nice music, just absolutely not original.

Badlands 'Voodoo Highway' 1991 50
Blues/Funk Hard Rock. This album takes us back to the past. It's a bluesy music of 70s with (probably) some Led Zeppelin and Hendrix elements. Maybe it's not bad music for 70s but everything must be in time.

Elvaron 'The Five Shires' 2001 80
Melodic Heavy/Prog. This band pleases me again. It's an absolutely imaginative music with many original and interesting ideas, not boring (for long enough Progressive albums) sound and the various songs.

Badlands 'Dusk' 1998 50
Blues Hard Rock. It's more common sounded Uriah Heep than Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. Anyway, this music belongs to those times and that sound.

Pyramaze 'Melancholy Beast' 2004 60
Power. It's not so bright music as you'd like to think. This work is commensurable to nice, skillful but not original Power Metal band which we have in the world throughout.

Magica 'Dark Diary' 2010 60
Melodic Power/Heavy. Unfortunately, I have to repeat the same words that I said about band's previous work... It's not bad music on the fast songs, but all mid-tempo, Heavy songs are very similar to Nightwish.

Sed Lex 'De Viris' 2003 100
Melodic Heavy/Prog/Power. It's Progressive olde-worlde with some epic Heavy sound, it's hard to imagine but we'll take this as read. It's an absolutely superb music with the memorable songs and wonderful musicians' work.

Manigance 'Signe de Vie' 1997 80
Melodic Heavy/Power. It's not bad - why not bad?! - very good Melodic Heavy/Power, sometimes in spirit of not fast Stratovarius. Almost all songs of this album are interesting and memorable.

Morgana Lefay '' 1999 20
Stoner/Hardcore. I understand now why the main Morgana Lefay's musicians don't declare this work as one of the band's albums. Because it's really crap. The synthesized, filtered vocals and something slow and boring in modern and unknown/vapid for me groove (?)/sh*tcore (?) - it is this work.


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