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My new albums of this week:

D.I.V.A. 'Net Puti Nazad'
Magri's '...In Rock'
Adamant 'Krov' Rassveta'

New small reviews:

Sabotage 'Rumore Nel Vento' 1984 80
Heavy/Power. Early Italian Heavy is a rare thing itself but when it's with early Power elements, on Italian language and was released in 1984, it can't be lesser than very-very interesting band from the past. This music unites the simply nice and memorable songs, excellent guitars and vocals.

Extrovert 'Razbudiv Okean' 2005 60
Prog. Indeed it's a melodious enough music in Symphony X and Dream Theater traditions, more with Symphony X influences. This band obtains not bad sound with some nice songs.

Gates Of Winter 'Lux Aeterna' 2008 70
Melodic Prog/Heavy/Death. Veritas diversity. This music is so various to be another average or above average band. The core of the music is Progressive in neighborhood of melodiousness, Death Metal vocals and drive, and many other interesting things.

Extrovert 'Serebryanaya Nit (Ili Tam, Gde Zakanchivaetsya Yav'...)' 2007 60
instrumental experimental Prog Rock. In the beginning was the word and the word was Dream Theater. The story ends. This long titled album is experimental Prog Rock with some not bad songs and very soft sound.

Bastion Sud'by 'Zhizn'' 2007 60
Melodic Heavy/Power. It's typical enough melodious Heavy with Power elements against the background of modern Heavy. There is nothing new there as things go for the most similar bands.

Sepultura 'Schizophrenia' 1987 80
Thrash. No comment.

Santa Maria 'Zhizn' na Grane' 2005 70
Melodic Heavy/Power/Prog. The music is still perfectly the same, melodious and very interesting Heavy with many fast moments. Unfortunately, for some purpose there are some parts with the experimental music there.

Sepultura 'Arise' 1991 80
Thrash. No comment.

Dark At Dawn 'First Beams Of Light' 2020 80
Power/Doom. It's a compilation that's why I haven't this release but at last forgot about it and bought it after all. But there are the excellent songs there without doubt!

Dark Tranquillity 'We Are The Void' 2010 60
Melodic Death/Black. It's the same music you've already known and heard from Dark Tranquillity and other similar bands. This work has nothing new, just an age-old sound.

Alice Cooper 'Easy Action' 1970 50
Rock. Of course it's not Alice Cooper music of our memory, it's even not Rock sometimes. These songs are in The Beatles style, maybe there is the better comparison for this music, but I don't know those times very well.

Nevermore 'The Obsidian Conspiracy' 2010 60
Power/Thrash/Prog. Yes, it's still powerful slow music, true Nevermore without many words. But the songs are the same also, everything sounds like the songs from the previous works, there is nothing new and original in comparison with the past.

Tyrant 'Fight For Your Life' 1985 70
Melodic Speed Heavy. This work is somewhere between Running Wild and Living Death. It's again not bad melodious Speed/Heavy of the arising traditions of 80s German Metal. 


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