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My new albums of this week:

Angelica 'Angelica', 'Walkin' In Faith', 'Rock Stock & Barrel', 'Time Is All It Takes'
Van Halen '5150', 'OU812', 'For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge', 'Balance', 'Van Halen III'
Lancia ''
Vengeance 'Arabia', 'The Last Of The Fallen Heroes', 'Back From Flight 19', 'Wings Of An Arrow', '', 'Take It Or Leave It', 'We Have Ways To Make You Rock'
Iron Maiden 'The Final Frontier'
Leatherwolf 'Street Ready'
Sons of Liberty 'Brush Fires of the Mind'
Crashdiet 'Generation Wild'
Accept 'Blood Of The Nations'
Torture 'Storm Alert'
Sacred Reich 'Independent'
Velvet Viper 'The 4-th Quest For Fantasy'
Antacid / Hatred 'Metal Chaos Across The World'

New small reviews:

Viva 'What the Hell Is Going On!' 1981 50
Hard&Heavy. It's typical and common Hard&Heavy with the primitive enough songs, even sometimes they are close to Punk. There were much better German bands at the same time.

Overkill 'Ironbound' 2010 80
Speed/Thrash/Heavy. This music is more complex for Heavy and more various for Thrash. Overkill made at last an excellent work with many fast memorable songs and superb guitars.

Viva 'Dealers of the Night' 1982 60
Hard&Heavy. Is it a collection of the forgotten hits? Almost every song has a tune of the other bands works. The music is promiscuous, sounds like it's actually the cover-versions.

Mr. Big 'Back to Budokan' 2009 50
AOR/Hard Rock. It's 2 CD of live Mr. Big. Live of not live, nothing changes, it's the same music. Gilbert's guitars only save this music for me.

Viva 'Apocalypse' 1984 40
pop Rock. Viva have nothing worthwhile during their life but they have absolutely feckless pop Rock album. Even few weepy ballads can't save this album.

Saintsbleed 'The Mighty Monster' 2009 80
Heavy/Power. It's very nice powerful and melodious Heavy about mighty monsters and other mighty things. This promising work is successful in comparison with other 'mighty warriors' bands.

Scelerata 'Skeletons Domination' 2008 50
Speed&Power. It's a typical and faceless album in the common traditions of the genre. But the song in tango style to the end of the album is very interesting.

Ratt 'Infestation' 2010 50
Glam Hard&Heavy. The first track was more or less not bad Hard&Heavy but then everything came back to the same boring Glam. So we have again the same Glam Rock that's played anyone who will take the trouble.

Raven 'Nothing Exceeds Like Excess' 1988 80
Heavy/Speed/Power. It's a pushy but contagious music, very true NWoBHM with some guitar sound of 70s and many powerful parts, almost Thrash. Nothing can be better than Raven of 80s!

Richie Kotzen 'Peace Sign' 2009 30
Funk Blues Rock. It's not that happening to listen to Funk Blues in spirit of Jimi Hendrix. So I can't be satisfied this music which has scaled with time.

Raven 'Walk Through Fire' 2009 80
Heavy. This album is like a great jump to Raven's past. We have youth and recklessness of 80s sound and sagacity and skill of the mature music.

Kissin' Dynamite 'Addicted To Metal' 2010 60
Melodic Heavy. This band follows Hammerfall's flawed way when just grab the hitting fancy parts of other bands' songs and then use in own works. But it seems to me Kissin' Dynamite cope with the job better, more interesting and various than Hammrfall do the same.


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