Subject: Weekly albums news

My new albums of this week:

Spellblast 'Battlecry'
Piligrim '7.62'
Holy Dragons 'Dragon Steel'
Death Over Threat 'Sangre'
Ancient Cross ''
Narval ''
Cauldron Born 'Born of the Cauldron'
Fischel's Beast 'Commencement'
Rapidfire 'Settle the Score'
Midnight Priest 'Rainha da Magia Negra'
Heathen 'The Evolution Of Chaos'
Presto Ballet 'The Lost Art Of Time Travel'
Big Cock 'Motherload'
Bill Ward 'Ward One: Along The Way'
Tony Martin 'Back Where I Belong'
Pain of Salvation 'Road Salt One'
Masterplan 'Time To Be King'

New small reviews:

The Rods '' 1981 60
Blues Hard Rock. It's nice but the standard variations of the bands from 70s like Rainbow, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, etc. The music and the guitars are very Blues-oriented (but few Hard&Heavy tracks).

The Rods 'Wild Dogs' 1982 60
Hard&Heavy. This work was played in the common traditions of popular US Hard&Heavy of 80s. It's not bad music without anything original inside.

Manimal 'The Darkest Room' 2009 50
Heavy/Prog/Power. It's bored partly Progressive, partly something slowly-modern from the very beginning to almost the end. But there are few not bad songs closer to the very end of the album.

The Rods 'In the Raw' 1983 60
Hard&Heavy. It's again old Hard&Heavy of the same direction of evolution: nothing new, just repeat well-tried. So it's a common music for that time without anything extraordinary.

Uli Jon Roth 'Fire Wind' 1981 80
Blues Funk Hard Rock. Whenever Uli Jon Roth's work was released, it's always suitable for the occasion and at a good hour. It's very interesting and splendid guitar work with the excellent songs.

Crystallion 'Hattin' 2008 60
Melodic Speed&Power. It's absolutely standard European/German Melodic Speed&Power. It's the fast carefree songs with the tuneful songs based on the standard riffs.

Cynic 'Focus' 1993 70
experimental Prog Death Thrash. What can I say? It's exactly unusual. Though there are some modern touches on this album it sounds not bad even along with Progressive experiments.

Cynic 'Traced in Air' 2008 70
experimental Prog. It's less enough brutal band's sound on the album. The main direction is experimental Progressive with few Thrash/Death touches.

Sex Machineguns '45 degrees' 2009 90
Melodic Heavy. It's the first band's album I've ever heard, maybe they have yet better works but it's enough to say for me, it's an excellent work! It's true Japanese Melodic Heavy in the traditions X-Japan and alike bands but with few Thrash/Speed tracks.

Drone 'Juggernaut' 2009 60
Melodic Death/Thrash. The first thought was that I heard another In Flames-inspired band. It's a real sound of late In Flames with not very aggressive sound and more or less clear vocals.

Orden Ogan 'Easton Hope' 2010 60
Melodic Speed&Power. Blind Guardian's glory keeps somebody on the trot. Orden Ogan follows that band's way in all things. It's the same melodious and high-voltage Speed&Power with not band songs and very good guitar solos.

Vindicator / Metal Witch 'Outbreak of Metal Vol. I' 2009 60
Thrash. All these bands play like early Metallica. Vindicator is Speed/Thrash, Metal Witch is more Heavy/Power, it's the different sound of the one source.


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