Subject: Weekly albums news

My new albums of this week:

Steve Stevens 'Atomic Playboys'
Stairway 'The Other Side of Midnight'
Savage Grace 'Master of Disguise', 'The Dominatress'
Come to My Place 'demo EP'

New small reviews:

Krokus 'The Blitz' 1984 70
Rock'n'Roll Hard&Heavy. The biggest part of this album is Roack'n'Rollish Hard Rock in the spirit of AC/DC and the similar bands. But there are already some Hard&Heavy and even Heavy Metal songs on this album.

Kevin duBrow 'In for the Kill' 2004 70
Rock'n'Roll Hard Rock. It's very easy to the listening music. Of course it could be compared with early Quiet Riot but with the sound of 60s-70s that means early Slade + early Deep Purple + early Uriah Heep.

Krokus 'Change of Address' 1986 80
Hard&Heavy. It's a perfect work without any doubt. This release unites band's well-known Rock'n'Roll, classic Hard&Heavy and the excellent songs with the memorable tunes as the result.

Concept 'Reason And Truth' 2003 60
Melodic Speed&Power. It's typical for Italian Melodic Speed&Power band. There are special for Italian Melodic Speed&Power vocals, memorable tunes and very interesting keys there.

Krokus 'Alive And Screamin'' 1986 60
Hard&Heavy. Though this is live songs, there are faster Rock'n'Roll songs than something else. So it's just not bad band's live album of the early days.

Orphaned Land 'The Never Ending Way of Orwarrior' 2010 50
Folk/Prog. Many Folk parts would be suitable for the occasion in Indian movies as the soundtracks because of the same sounding. This work is original enough but it couldn't catch me for some reason...

Krokus 'Heart Attack' 1988 70
Hard&Heavy. It's not bad Hard&Heavy in the traditions of European bads of the same style. It's not bad album with some nice songs and memorable tunes.

Akphaezya 'Anthology II' 2008 50
Avant-garde Gothic/Death. It's a mixture of Gothic and Death with the experimental sound. It's like Atrox with the hysterical female vocals meets Gothic bands from Prophecy Records, everything's with the complex sound and not very interesting (for me) songs.

Krokus 'Round 13' 1999 80
Melodic Hard&Heavy. Probably it's the most unconventional Krokus album for me. Yes, there is still the same AC/DC guitar sound there but the music is more various, more interesting and uncommon, with many non-traditional for Krokus things.

Mutiny 'Muted' 2000 60
Melodic Heavy/Power. It's not bad 'epical' Melodic Heavy with few Power Metal songs. I can't say it's an original music but there are some not bad and interesting things there.

Krokus 'Hoodoo' 2010 60
Rock'n'Roll Hard Rock. It's early AC/DC risen again and again in Krokus music. It seems this release is the most closest work to that times. It's 70s AC/DC with Bon Scott of course and the special guitar sound.

Harizma 'Otklyuchis' ot Seti' 2009 60
Melodic Power. It's a single with some new material. It's still the same Melodic Power, nice but not very original songs that you've already heard on the previous works of this band.

F5 'A Drug for All Seasons' 2005 40
Heavy/Grunge. This David Ellefson's project has nothing but Ellefson's name. It's a slow and bored modern music, inexpressive and absolutely uninspiring.

V/A 'Tattooed Forever' 2008 80
Glam Rock. It's a video collection of the live songs from 'hair Metal' bands of 80s. It's really very interesting to see especially Nuclear Assault, good old Thrash falling among there for some purpose.


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