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My new albums of this week:

Saintsbleed 'The Mighty Monster'

New small reviews:

Sacred Blood 'The Battle of Thermopylae: The Chronicle' 2008 50
Melodic Power. Why, why did the band choose this voiceless/earless singer among others?! The music is not bad Melodic Power but the singer sings on his own and other musicians are in themselves.

Gallows Pole 'We Wanna Come Home' 1989 80
Melodic Heavy. It's Heavy with some sound of 70s, Hard&Heavy of 80s and the vocals which remind me of Ossian (Hungary) singer. It's really very amazing music with many memorable songs and impressive sound.

Spellblast 'Horns of Silence' 2007 70
Melodic Power. In comparison with their early demo that I've already got, it's very good Melodic Power with unostentatious Folk elements. It sounds like a mixture of Rhapsody+Elvenking and Gamma Ray.

Z 'Keepers of the Sign' 1999 80
Melodic Hard&Heavy. Z is the last letter of the alphabet but actually it isn't the last band in Dio style. It's really superb Melodic Hard&Heavy with Dio-like vocals and the music corresponding to such music.

Thrash Clash vol.3 - Blood Exile / Sacrilegio 2008 80
Thrash. Blood Exile sounds like Coroner, especially because of the guitar solos and some songs complex features. The music of this band is closer to US Thrash. Sacrilegio is modern Speed&Power/Thrash, strong and fast music with the clear vocals, it can be compared with Centurion for example.

Zarpa 'El Yunque Contra el Martillo' 2007 70
Melodic Heavy. Excellent Spanish Melodic Metal on Spanish language - that is this Zarpa's album. There are the good songs on the album which always are nice to hear.

Thrash Clash vol.4 - Infantry / Pyrotoxic 2008 50
Thrash/Black. Infantry is Thrash of early Kreator era (Pleasure to Kill time). There is nothing very special in the music but European Thrash of 80s. Pyrotoxic - I don't know why this band is here, it's more fast Black with Thrash elements and Black Metal vocals than something else.

Anacrusis 'Annihilation Complete' 2009 60
Thrash. It's a collection of the different demos of the different band life's times. It's not only the songs from not full-length albums, it's live band's DVD also.

Target 'Master Project Genesis' 1988 60
Prog/Power/Thrash. The best comparison for this album is Mekong Delta, all of them played such music at the same time. The music is complex for early Speed/Power or Thrash, the songs aren't easy to grasp.

Protector 'Welcome to Fire' 2006 60
Thrash. It's a collection of the different band demos and live songs. It's the same typical headless German Thrash with few Death elements in the music.

Vindex 'Power Forge' 2005 100
Melodic Power/Heavy. It's an amazing mixture of German Melodic Power&Heavy Metal bands like Grave Digger, Accept, Trance, etc. This Slovakian band has the excellent outstanding songs with the memorable refrains and guitar solos.

Divine Ruins 'Sign of the Times' 2004 40
Prog. It's an ugly version of Dream Theater in the style of Italian Prog bands copying Dream Theater and shrilly singing. But it's very good that it is the only band's album.


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