Subject: Weekly albums news

My new albums of this week:

Guilt Machine 'On This Perfect Day'
Darkthrone 'Circle the Wagons'
Lynch Mob 'Smoke And Mirrors'
Aedra 'Tayny Zerkal'
Avantasia 'Angel of Babylon', 'The Wicked Symphony'
Cathedral 'The Guessing Game'
Overkill 'Ironbound'
V/A 'Working Man - Rush Tribute'
Mr. Big 'Back to Budokan'
RAM 'Lightbringer'
Skitzotik 'Skitzotik'
Demon 'Hold on to the Dream'
Deadringer 'Electrocution of the Heart'
Nightshade 'Dead of Night'
Y&T 'Down for the Count'
Noisehunter 'Time to Fight', 'Spell of Noise', 'Rock Shover', 'Too Young to Die'
Scelerata 'Skeletons Domination'
Viva 'What the Hell Is Going On!', 'Dealers of the Night', 'Apocalypse'
Raven 'Walk Through Fire'
Krokus 'Hardware', 'One Vice at a Time'

New small reviews:

Lions Breed 'Damn the Night' 1985 70
Melodic Heavy. It's traditional Heavy in the style of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Accept with the simple but catching enough music. Some guitar solos already remind me of the same solos on Scanner (the band).

Stryper 'Murder by Pride' 2009 60
AOR/Melodic Hard Rock. It's the same music, nothing new but few Punk elements on some songs. Stryper bless us again, their music hasn't new ideas, it's just their nice melodious songs.

Echoes of Eternity 'As Shadows Burn' 2009 70
Gothic/Heavy/Death/Prog. It's closer to Death/Gothic in some parts of the album but for the female vocals. So it's a powerful and complex enough music with not bad songs.

House of Lords 'Cartesian Dreams' 2009 60
AOR/Melodic Hard&Heavy. House of Lords of the last times is the music of absolutely the same sounding. This album has some nice songs but in other respects it's still the same...

Vanexa 'Against the Sun' 1994 60
Hard&Heavy. This Bluesy Hard&Heavy is nice and easy for listening, the music is good enough. This album sounds more in the style of 80s than it is in sober fact.

Ritual Steel 'Blitz Invasion' 2004 60
Melodic Power. This album sounds in the traditions if German Melodic Power. You don't find there anything fresh and original but just very good music.

Ritual Steel 'Invincible Warriors' 2007 70
Melodic Heavy. This time we have the music in the traditions of German Melodic Heavy almost without any Power elements. It's still the same very nice music without anything special.

Death Or Glory 'In the Middle of the Storm' 2002 70
Melodic Heavy. This powerful Heavy has nothing to do with Running Wild but the bands name. Indeed it's traditional epical melodious Heavy with the memorable songs.

Bangin' Moon 'Blinded' 1998 40
Punk Hard Rock. It's raw enough, very Punk-noised music, Hard Rock or even Hard&Heavy but with the sound of 70s. It's absolutely not everybody's cup of tea.

Culprit 'Guilty As Charged!' 1983 60
Heavy. This band sounds like Metallica in 1979 if it would happen to be indeed. It's Heavy with not very memorable songs though it's not bad for 1983.

Scavenger 'Devils' Dinner' 1998 90
Melodic Heavy. Who are these guys?! There is no information about them in internet at all though it's excellent Heavy/Hard&Heavy, maybe with some Alternative touches. I like the original bands which strike out a line of own so it's very interesting and surprising album for me.

Guns n' Roses 'Appetite for Destruction' 1987 80
Melodic Glam Hard Rock. No comment. I'd like to note that the first Guns n' Roses song that I heard in 1987 was Sweet Child o' Mine and I was impressed very much those excellent guitars.

Zandelle 'Vengeance Rising' 2006 80
Melodic Power/Heavy. The keepers of US epical Melodic Heavy is still with us, this work is more powerful and melodious. It's very interesting and catching work, sometimes it reminds me of Heavens Gate.

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