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My new albums of this week:

Crank County Daredevils 'Kings of Sleaze', 'Livin' in the Red'
Caesar 'Rubikon'
Troya 'Vozdushnye Zamki'
Last Warning 'Throughout Time', 'Under a Spell'
Gothic Knights 'Kingdom of the Knights'
Brain Dead 'In the Deep of Vortex'
Ancient Dome 'Human Key'
Iron Maiden 'Piece of Mind', 'Somewhere in Time', 'Powerslave'
Wisdom 'Rain Dream'
Lazarus Sin 'Intracranial Mass'
Eldritch Rite 'demo 1986'
Quiet Riot '', 'II'
The Black Crowes 'Shake Your Money Maker'
Grinder 'Dead End', 'Dawn for the Living'
Amulance 'The Rage Within: And the Aftermath'
AC/DC 'Backtracks'
Cain's Offering 'Gather the Faithful'
Sacred Steel 'Carnage Victory'
Haker 'Vzlom'
HMR 'Prosto I Grubo'
Moonspell 'Memorial'
Echoes of Eternity 'As Shadows Burn'
Outloud 'We'll Rock You to Hell And Back Again!'
House of Lords 'Cartesian Dreams'
Stryper 'Murder by Pride'
Death Or Glory 'In the Middle of the Storm'
Ritual Steel 'Blitz Invasion', 'Invincible Warriors'
Morningstar 'Finnish Metal'
Vanexa 'Against the Sun'
Sacred Blood 'The Battle of Thermopylae: The Chronicle'
Culprit 'Guilty As Charged!'
Zandelle 'Vengeance Rising'

New small reviews:

Schenker Barden Acoustic Project 'Gipsy Lady' 2009 90
acoustic Melodic Rock. It's an amazing mixture of the best Blackmore's Night ideas and say some pop Rock acts like Dire Straight or Chris Rea. The music is soft and ethereal with the precious things in the songs.

Eternity X 'Mind Games' 1995 70
Melodic Heavy. It's the next good work from Eternity X. It would be Heavy with Progressive elements if I found some touches of it but I heard just nice German Melodic Heavy.

The Lost Boyz 'Diamond Dust' 1994 50
Glam Hard Rock. It's a considerably common music for me. But maybe it's a good gift for those who still follow popular at one time Glam Hard Rock bands.

Lillian Axe 'Sad Day on Planet Earth' 2009 80
Hard&Heavy. Yes, this album is very long and there are some boring songs. But there are some treasures of the music marked in the songs also so you don't think about the length of the album.

Alestorm 'Black Sails at Midnight' 2009 80
Folk/Power. It's still the music with Skyclad's Folk and Gamma Ray (Rhapsody, Running Wild)'s Power. This album has the uncommon wind, almost during all album, so the music is perfectly good.

Marty Friedman 'Tokyo Jukebox' 2009 60
Melodic instrumental Rock. As I read, it's a compilation of Japanese songs performed by Marty Friedman. It's a good work but there is nothing there that you've never heard in Friedman's works.

Saint Deamon 'Pandeamonium' 2009 60
Melodic Power/Heavy. Probably, the music is a bit better in comparison with their previous work. But it's still the same usual music like many other bands of the same genre.

Ilium 'Ageless Decay' 2009 60
Melodic Power. It's not bad Power though it's not very original Power, everything's in the common traditions. They have few interesting keys which sound good.

Jetboy 'One More for Rock'n'Roll!' 2002 60
Hard Rock. Jetboy is modern AC/DC, at least by the special guitar sound. In other respects it's just modern Rock probably with some US Glam traditions.

Tankard 'Thirst' 2008 70
Thrash. The words change, the music - doesn't. Tankard is Tankard from the album to the album. This work has some not bad guitars, so it can't be just another band's album.

Voivod 'Infini' 2009 40
Alternative/Punk Metal. I don't like such music, I outbrave to say that I hate such music. But Voivod is that band which's always been very original, even their music has never liked me.

Swashbuckle 'Back to the Noose' 2009 60
Death/Thrash. It's a mixture of In Flames, modern US Death/Thrash and early Death (the style) touches where border between Thrash and Death is imperceptible yet. As for pirate themes: it's not very hearable (at least for me) if you don't read the booklet during the listening to this album.


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