Subject: Weekly albums news

My new albums of this week:

Warmen 'Japanese Hospitality'
Kris Norris Projekt 'Icons of the Illogical'
Constancia 'Lost And Gone'
Sarcasm 'Revolt', 'Igra Narave'
Obidil 'The Magic World'
Chaosstar 'Lifetime'
Jorn 'Spirit Black'
Rebellion 'Arise from Ragnarok to Ginnungagap'
Sonata Arctica 'The Days of Grays'
Doro 'Fear No Evil'
Almah 'Fragile Equality'
Burning Point 'Empyre'
Shakra 'Everest'
Bonfire 'Fire Works'
Squealer 'The Circle Shuts'
George Lynch 'Souls of We Let the Truth Be Known'
Ethan Brosh 'Out of Oblivion'
Tragedian 'Dreamscape'
Herman Frank 'Loyal to None'
Eden's Curse 'The Second Coming'
Saidian 'Evercircle'
Arch Enemy 'The Root of All Evil'
Axxis 'Utopia'
Paradise Lost 'Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us'
Giuffria '', 'Silk And Steel'
Icon ''
Munetaka Higuchi 'Free World'
Chris Caffery 'House of Insanity'
Redemption 'Snowfall on Judgement Day'
Whiplash 'Unborn Again'
Mad Max 'Rollin' Thunder', 'Night of Passion'
Cinderella 'Long Gold Winter', 'Night Songs'
UDO 'Dominator'
Europe 'Last Look at Eden'
Steve Morse Band 'Out Standing in Their Field'
Anvil 'This Is Thirteen'

New small reviews:

Crystal Eyes 'Chained' 2008 70
Melodic Power/Speed/Heavy. Again this band prepared not bad album. Let it be Iron Maiden with Some Running Wild elements and with something else well-known, so this album sounds very good.

Queensryche 'American Soldier' 2009 30
pop Alternative. It's wormwood to me to hear such losing album again. This release is something trendy pop music with the absolutely empty songs and ideas, with modern sh*t in every moments.

Alkemyst 'Through Painful Lanes' 2008 80
Melodic Speed&Power/Prog. It's a high-voltage music but a melodic music, something is from Blind Guardian, something's from Symphony X. It's really very successful album for such music and this band.

White Skull 'Forever Fight' 2009 70
Melodic Power. At last the band returned to the roots - a female vocalist is similar very much to Federica de Boni, the music is also similar to that times. It was really pleasant surprise for me.

Uriah Heep 'Wake the Sleeper' 70
AOR/Hard Rock. Everything that reminds me of early Uriah Heep touches me nearly. Even though it's late Uriah Heep. The music, the keys, the vocals, everything reminds me of early band's days again so it's a really good work for me.

Jaded Heart 'Inside Out' 1994 50
AOR/pop Melodic Hard Rock. It's a melodious and half-acoustic album. But it's so pop, snotty music so I can't say anything very positive except some words about not bad vocals parts and guitar solos.

Powerful 'Welcome to the Slaughterhouse' 2007 60
Heavy. It's not just Heavy, it's POWERFUL Heavy! The vocals sometimes remind me of ex-Annihilator's Randy Rampage, but the music is close to Heavy or maybe Heavy/Thrash of 80s.

Jaded Heart 'Slaves And Masters' 1996 50
AOR/pop Melodic Hard Rock. Maybe there is the difference between the first and the second band's albums but it's the same for me. This album is the same bored pop AOR with many half-acoustic ballads.

The More I See 'The Wolves Are Hungry' 2004 50
Modern Heavy/Prog. It would be not bad though not very original powerful Progressive, maybe Progressive/Power if this music wasn't with the modern sound in *core and Alternative way. They have really some not bad songs where all those modern stuff doesn't appear.

Jaded Heart 'Mystery Eyes' 1998 50
AOR/pop Melodic Hard Rock. It was third band's chance to hit the taste of me, they loosed this battle. It's still the same trendy pop music in Brian Adams style.

Re-Vision 'Whore Venus' 2000 70
Melodic Heavy. I was afraid it's like the next after this album something modern-bored but fortunately it's still Melodic Heavy. The music has something modern Gothic a bit, the vocals sometimes remind me of Bruce Dickinson, some songs from this album are really very good.

Patan 'Acero' 2005 80
Melodic Heavy. It's Judas Priest followers like Primal Fear where songs are simple but really pretty good as well as the same on Judas Priest. The vocals and the guitars are beyond all praise!

Powermad 'Absolute Power' 1989 80
Speed/Thrash/Prog. It would be better but the end of the album was drawn out to a great length. It's very impressive Speed/Thrash in the style of 80s with many Progressive elements. 


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