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Mantic Ritual 'Executioner' 2009 70
Thrash. It's another very nice US version of Kreator and Tankard ideas. Sometimes musical pieces sound with Punk and many Speed Metal elements.

Shadow's Mignon 'Midnight Sky Masquerade' 2009 80
Melodic Heavy. Who would have thought to hear perfect German Melodic Metal from this unknown band? An answer is really easy: it's a project of some Trancemission members that's why this music is really excellent.

Hammerfall 'No Sacrifice No Glory' 2009 80
Melodic Heavy/Power. As usual the band didn't invent anything themselves, it could be described as powerful Accept with some Marty Friedman's guitars. But at last I liked their music.

Domain 'The Chronicles of Love, Hate And Sorrow' 2009 80
Melodic Heavy/Power. It's a new work that tickles ears by the fresh sound, very interesting music and memorable songs. The guitars are beyond all praise.

Andem 'Doch' Lunnogo Sveta' 2009 50
Melodic Heavy/Power. It's again a typical enough music, sometimes it's close to a crowd of Italian Melodic Speed&Power band. I found nothing new there in the music.

Cryonic Temple 'Immortal' 2008 60
Power. The music became less fast at least in my opinion, there are some Progressive elements in the music also. It's good album though it's again nothing new.

Ecliptica 'Impetus' 2008 60
Heavy/Power. No, it's not standard Power of Heavy though it's hard to say about immense originality. I think it's above average band but it's still without real singularity.

Yngwie Malmsteen 'Angels of Love' 2009 60
Melodic Instrumental Acoustic. It's not new Malmsteen album. This work is the acoustic instrumentals of known Malmsteen's works without his complex guitar technique.

Item 'Outlife' 2009 40
modern Heavy/Hardcore. This modern music can be described as light In Flames with Amorphis of the beginning of this century. Sometimes the songs don't sound so trendy modern, in that case the music isn't so bad.

Place Vendome 'Streets of Fire' 2009 70
AOR/pop Melodic Rock/Hard&Heavy. It's strangely, Kiske is with Pink Cream 69 members; Deris conversely is in Helloween instead of Kiske. Was it good exchange? I don't think so. This album has some good traditions of Helloween's Pink Bubbles, trendy traditions of Pink Cream 69 and just pop Rock of out-of-Metal experiences.

Maniya Velichiya 'Liki Teney' 2009 50
Melodic Power/Heavy. It's melodious Power/Heavy, overloaded by the keys and with the male/female duet, so usually it sounds like Nightwish. This music brought us nothing new.

Nemeth, Byron '2000' 2000 50
instrumental Prog Rock. This release would be good for Magna Carta or for Lion Music labels. It's an instrumental work with some modern touches and without anything special.

Anacrusis 'Manic Impressions' 1991 60
Prog/Thrash. As for Prog/Thrash it's a really very good work especially when it was released at the turn of 80s and 90s. But some tracks from this album made the heart sick.


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