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Attention. Since I'm going to visit Germany for three weeks, there will be no newsletter and brief reviews for these weeks.

My new albums of this week:

Juglans Regia 'Visioni Parallele'
Vice Human 'Set Me Free'
Chain Lightning 'Bolt from the Blue'
Phobic Instinct 'A Second of Thought'

New small reviews:

Centaur 'Mob Rules the World' 1990 100
Melodic Heavy. I heard this first album after the listening to all the rest Centaur's albums. It's amazing Melodic Heavy with some Power touches, with the excellent memorable songs and guitar solos, with many keys which sometimes remind me of Royal Hunt.

V/A 'HEART BREAKERS - A Collection of Hard Rock & Metal Ballads' 2007 50
Melodic pop Metal. It's better to say it's a collection of the faceless pop music in slow tempo. Though there were some not bad songs on this compilation.

Kuni 'Masque' 1986 70
Heavy. It's very nice melodious Heavy, all musicians share equally the music, so it's hard to say that it's a solo album of the guitarist. Though Kuni is Japanese musician, the music is international, without any special countries' musical features.

Sister Sin 'Switchblade Serenade' 2008 60
Heavy. Though this band doesn't bring anything new in the world music, anyway it's not commercial Heavy, so it's already good. It's modern Heavy with the female vocals and not very memorable songs.

Kreator 'Hordes of Chaos' 2009 70
Thrash/Power. What's new in Kreator music? It's not idle inquiry because many bands copy their previous album's music, change the songs' titles, presto - new album is ready! So Kreator on this album is closer to early band's works but with many melodious touches, even sometimes I can call it Thrash/Power.

Kuni 'Lookin' for Action' 1988 70
Hard&Heavy. Does it seem to me but this album is softer than the debut work? It's not bad melodious Hard&Heavy, very close to the first release but absolutely in the traditions of US Hard&Heavy.

Catamenia 'VIII: The Time Unchained' 2008 60
Melodic Black. Is it really 8 Catamenia album?! I lost count after 2nd or 3rd band's album. It's almost the same but I think the sound is just softer partially.

Shadrane 'Temporal' 2008 50
Prog. It's one of the sorts of unmemorable Progressive when you hear the music, you can understand the sound but you forget everything in an instant. But though it doesn't remind me of anything well-known from other Progressive Metal bands.

Kotiteollisuus 'Tomusta Ja Tuhkasta' 2000 10
pop Metal. Do you like when somebody is only stuffing you? No? Me too. So it really does not satisfy me when the band was called Heavy Metal even in the official (?) press-release, indeed it's modern sh*t, pop dance false 'Metal' with modern Stoner/Doom elements and electronic sound.

Paragon 'Screenslaves' 2008 50
Power. Nothing new isn't bad when nothing bad is also in the music. It's typical Power without any fresh ideas or anything catching in the songs.

Manowar 'Hell On Stage - Live' 1999 80
Heavy. This 2 CD live album can't be called the best Manowar songs performed alive. No, it's very good collection but I don't know what principle was in the idea of exactly this selection. Anyway it's very good selection with the improvisation in the music.

Stalwart 'Jerk' 2001 50
Death/Thrash. It's not so fast for Thrash, and not so brutal for Death. This first band's EP is close to modern US Death/Thrash bands with some Hardcorish sound.

Lunatica 'New Shores' 2009 60
Melodic Heavy. No, set your mind at ease! There are no changes on this release, it's still the same soft Melodic Heavy with the female vocals and some nice songs.

Ibridoma 'Page 26' 2008 70
Heavy. It's really not bad though short album with very interesting and original enough songs. The vocals sometimes reminds me of Dave Mustaine in very barbed variant.


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