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My new albums of this week:

Amanda Somerville 'Windows'
Artillery 'When Death Comes'
Schenker Barden Acoustic Project 'Gipsy Lady'
Lillian Axe 'Sad Day on Planet Earth'
Saint Deamon 'Pandeamonium'
Alestorm 'Black Sails at Midnight'
Celesty 'Vendetta'
Eternity X 'Mind Games'
The Lost Boyz 'Diamond Dust'
Jetboy 'One More for Rock'n'Roll!'

New small reviews:

Primal Fear '16.6' 2009 70
Power/Heavy. No, fortunately there isn't Judas Priest or Gamma Ray, that was the snows of yesteryear. But the band has a new dependence that I hear: the slow songs sound like UDO music, some fast songs sound like from Stratovarius stock of plays.

Helstar 'Sins of the Past' 2007 70
Power. It's a compilation of reissued band's songs. It seems it's not a bad collection of good old Helstar songs.

Yargos 'To Be Or Not to Be' 2005 40
Melodic pop Art Rock. It's pop music from 70s. Some formal guitars can't hide the core, it's German pop music in great request of 70s-80s but with some modern pop music touches.

Axxis 'Doom of Destiny' 2007 70
Melodic Heavy. How next Axxis album can attract your attention? I hope the new memorable songs, and there are them on this album! In other respects it's another good Axxis album where the first tracks sound in Power Metal genre.

Dark at Dawn 'Dark at Dawn' 2006 80
Power. It's the last album which totals all the pluses of the band's activity. It's solid Power with some Doom elements when the music sounds in the traditions of Scandinavian Doom/Death bands.

Magica 'Hereafter' 2007 70
Melodic Power. It's already well-groomed Melodic Power with female vocals. If you don't like such music specially, this work is another one from different Nightwish-like bands.

Evidence One 'The Sky Is the Limit' 2007 60
Melodic Hard&Heavy. The bands' names change but the musicians are still the same so the music can't be new and original at all. It's the same German Melodic Hard&Heavy you've already heard many times.

Hellraiser 'We'll Bury You!' 1990 60
Thrash. It's a partially mixture of early Metallica and early Slayer. Now it's not bad nostalgic music (nostalgic Thrash he-he), but it's not breakthrough to the future from 80s, early 90s.

Shakra 'Infected' 2007 60
Melodic Hard&Heavy. Rising and Fall Infected, it's not a destiny for this band, band's albums just flow from one to others. It's the same band's melodious Hard&Heavy with very nice songs.

Lion's Share 'Emotional Coma' 2007 70
Power/Prog. The music of this album is powerful but with many not fast songs, with some Progressive elements also. In general it's in the traditions of many Swedish sloow-plaaaying Power Metal bands.

Cruise 'Kruiz' 1988 100
Speed/Thrash. It's unforgettable time, that time when this band and such music rule onward Metal world. This album is just wonderful Speed/Thrash with the masterful guitars.

Kruger 'My - Rok!' 2002 60
Heavy/Thrash. This work is from that time period when this band played music in Motorhead style. This album consists of cheerful but primitive songs.

Hellraiser 'No Brain No Pain' 1994 60
Thrash. This work is very similar to Metallica of 80s (not to the first release). It's a complex enough music with many Metallica riffs and ideas.


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